Altice workers denounce management’s “brutal attack” on the company’s health plans

Altice workers gather on Thursday in Lisbon to denounce what they say is “a brutal attack” by the administration on the company’s health plans, which, in turn, guarantees that it intends to maintain the “unique characteristics” of this protection. .

In statements, this Monday, to the Lusa agency, the president of the National Union of Telecommunications and Audiovisual Workers (Sinttav) accused the administration of Altice Portugal of intending “destroy yet another slice of what little remains of the foreground of the health subsystem” of the company, intending to increase by “up to 300%” the co-financing of workers.

This is a co-financed service, where workers pay a fee to the company every month. There are services that have a greater co-financing, others a smaller co-financing and others have no co-financing at all. And they want to increase the co-financing of beneficiary workers, in some of these services, by up to 300%”, said Manuel Gonçalves.


For the union, it is about “yet another brutal attack on the rights of Altice-ACS beneficiaries (Altice Health Care, former PT-ACS) on active duty, with suspension of contract, pre-retirement, retirement/retirement and their family members”, which “must be stopped”.

Contacted by Lusa, an official source for Altice Portugal, confirmed that, “following its serious commitment to social dialogue, it started a negotiation process with unions and the Workers’ Commission, with a view to maintaining the solidarity character of health plans and their unique features on the market.

“The health context in Portugal has undergone multiple changes, with a notable increase in costs, without any profound changes having been applied to the company’s health plans since 2014. It thus becomes unavoidable, for the sake of the rigor and efficient management of this area. area of ​​Altice Portugal, the review of these plans”, he explained.


The aim, he emphasizes, is thatin complete safety, its sustainability is guaranteed and the quality of the health care provided is maintainedensuring that they continue to be the most complete in the national market in terms of the network of providers and clinical specialties assured”.

“It should be noted that a balanced review is intended to always guarantee a solid sustainability over time for all its beneficiaries”, he adds.

Recalling that “for more than 26 years, the work of Altice Health Care (ACS) has contributed to the promotion of health and the improvement of the quality of life of its beneficiaries”, who are currently “more than 36 thousand”, the company emphasizes that “ACS has been the target of several new investments”, putting forward as examples the “new specialties and rehabilitation of facilities, in addition to new facilities, to guarantee more, better and efficient health care to its beneficiaries”.


On the contrary, the Altice Union Front – which integrates Sinttav and other representative unions – accuses the company’s management of, “in the wake of what has been its attitude against all workers’ rights, and after everything it has done in these more than six years”, have now “turned the attack on all Altice-ACS health plansintending to destroy yet another slice of the little that is already left of the group’s foreground of the health subsystem.

decided to “bring the fight to the street”, the Frente Sindical intends to organize weekly denouncements in several cities, according to a calendar that “will be published shortly”, with the first initiative scheduled for Thursday, in front of Picoas, in Lisbon, between 11:30 and 13:00.

“Mobilization is very important. Beneficiaries in active service, suspension of contract, pre-retirement, retirees and their families, because the rights of each one are at stake. Each of the five unions of the Frente Sindical and each worker for himself, we have to take responsibility for participating and mobilizing the beneficiaries as possible”, reads a statement released this Monday by the union structure.

To Lusa, the president of Sinttav assured that the unions “will not allow” negotiations to end in Mayas intended by Altice: “They wanted to finish the negotiation in May, but at the last meeting, last week, we said that we would suspend our presence at the meetings until we were received by the new CEO [presidente executiva, Ana Figueiredo, que assumiu funções no passado sábado, substituindo Alexandre Fonseca]. We want to know if she has the same vision or not. We will not allow them to change our plan like that,” she assured.

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