Arte SonoraApril no Musicbox: Imarhan, Clã, Jup do Bairro, Sessa, Rosa Pistola and Much More

Discover the entire schedule for the month of April at Musicbox.

The beginning of the month (8) brings the concert of the Tuareg rock quintet imamhan, who is coming to Lisbon for the first time to present the album released in January, “Aboogi”. Imarhan’s sound reflects the cultural and generational background of the group of friends who came together around 2008 to make music in a very relaxed way. It is in a combination of pan-African rhythms, resounding melodies and the traditional Tuareg that the band was catapulted to a very solid place in the international scene, shared with Tinariwen.

If in 15 years the Lisbon club had not been the stage for a performance by the Clan, this fact is contradicted in 2022, the year in which the band celebrates 30 years of career. On April 26, the group passes through Cais do Sodré on the occasion of the Tour “give what you got“, to make the recent edition, “Véspera” heard and revisit songs that are part of the collective history of national pop-rock. This visit to Musicbox – the first of the tour – is part of a desire to rediscover the vibrant and electric atmosphere of the clubs and the strong proximity to the public.

On the other side of the Atlantic, there are two other highlights. At the end of 2019, nap released “Grandeza”, an album scheduled for 2020 on Musicbox. Sessa’s debut in Lisbon was rescheduled for April 13, where he presents the songs from his first and only solo album. In “Grandeza”, the former member of Garotas Suecas shows that his shoulders do not sag under the weight of the heritage of Brazilian popular music and reminds us that it is plural.

On the eve of April 25th, the activist, rapper and songwriter Neighborhood Jump performs for the first time at Musicbox, on a night that will also feature DJ sets by BADSISTA and Cigarra. Having worked alongside Linn da Quebrada in the creation of the album “Pajubá” (2017) or BADSISTA, with whom he formed BAD DO BAIRRO, Jup is a true artist “of the present and now”, making it clear in the release of the EP , “Body Without Judgment”. With collaborations by Linn da Quebrada, Deize Tigrona, Rico Dalasam, Mulambo and Pininga and production by BADSISTA, among other names, “Corpo Sem Juízo” is a manifesto of self-knowledge made to be heard and so that the artist can hear herself. .

On the dance floor, the first week of April sees the return of the Colombian Pistol Rose to the Musicbox booth on the 9th. When she arrived in Mexico, Rosa Pistola was immediately consumed not only by the local reggaeton scene, but also by the abrasive circumstances in which it takes place. The DJ also founded the Perreo Pesado collective, dedicated “to expanding the sound frequencies of the ghetto”, alongside DJ KRIZIS and Dj Sueño.

In the same week, on the 7th, Torcida Records invites VHOORbeatmaker from Minas Gerais and the biggest name in independent production on Soundcloud. Chungadaddy, Marlon Branco and SO/SW join for a night of funk, afrohouse, reggaeton and trap.

On the first three Wednesdays of April, the ZABRA installs itself on Musicbox to answer the question: “how can a club like Musicbox become a performer instead of a performance stage?”. The answers will be brought by the founders João Pedro Fonseca, Carincur and Noura through sound, light and body.

the first time in spanish Merca Bae in Portugal is the motto of the clubbing night on the 22nd of April, which was duly shared with Pedro da Linha, Zengxrl and Rastronaut. Once shrouded in mystery, today Merca Bae is known for his very own melodic approach to production, filling an elastic space between dancehall and reggaeton, taking risks with heavier influences and styles such as dubstep, techno and jungle. .

At the end of the month, Bantumen brings to Musicbox Sef Kombo, DJ Satellite and DANYKAS DJ with the seal of Seres Produções, one of the most representative publishers and promoters of the current afrohouse scene, based in Luanda. The set will take place on April 28.

april 1
22:00 We Sea
00h00 DJ Glue & Crack Kids

April 2nd
22:00 Norton
00h00 Lieben + Known João + Diogo (Extended Records Night Club)

april 6
00h00 João Pedro Fonseca + Carincur + Noura (Zabra: Folding Dimensions)

April 7th
22:00 Vaarwell
00:00 SO/SW + CHUNGADADDY + VHOOR + Marlon Branco

april 8
22:00 Imarhan
00h00 Von Di + Sampaio + DJ Doraemon + Umafricana + Lokowat

9th April
10 pm SALT
00h00 Rosa Pistola + Rita Lig + King Kami

April 13th
22:00 Sit
00h00 João Pedro Fonseca + Carincur + Noura (Zabra: Folding Dimensions)

april 14
23h00 Butcher #3 feat. The Sweets + Cicada + Folly Ghost

April 15th
22:00 B1SHPO
00h00 Progressivu + DJ MIXBWÉ (Partimento)

april 16
00h00 Sama Yax + Robles (Coco Discos) + La Gugga (Amazonas)

april 20
22:00 Soul Providers & Guests
00h00 João Pedro Fonseca + Carincur + Noura (Zabra: Folding Dimensions)

april 21
22:00 Antarma
00:00 Balthazar Discos Showcase

April 22nd
22:00 Dog Without Owner
00h00 Merca Bae + Pedro da Linha + Zengxrl + Rastronaut

April 23
16:00 Indiejunior Matinee
23:00 Indielisboa Anticipation Party
00h00 Chima Hiro + Telma + Hadi Zeidan

April 24th
11:00 pm Jup do Bairro + BADSISTA + Cicada

April 26
22:00 Clan

april 27
00:00 Gadutra + Verraco

april 28
22:00 Soft + Human Taranja
00h00 Sef Kombo + Satellite DJ + DANYKAS DJ (Seres Produções x Bantumen)

april 29
10pm JOHN + Acid Acid
00:00 Sap + Sheri Vari + MEIBI

April 30th
22:00 Mermaids
00:00 Night Prince

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