BC union schedules meeting with Ministry of Economy and proposes minor readjustment to end strike

The National Union of Employees of the Central Bank (Sinal) informed that it will have a meeting with the Secretary of Management and Personal Performance of the Ministry of Economy, Leonardo Sultani, this Tuesday (5).

If there is no official proposal from the government, Sinal warns that the strike of the category must be maintained and intensified, but signaled willingness to negotiate. The indefinite stoppage started last Friday, April 1st, in search of career restructuring and salary recomposition of 26.3%.

“The movement brought the first result: only with the strike taking place did we obtain the first official meeting with the government”, said the president of Sinal, Fábio Faiad. “We want the presentation of an official proposal by the government. If there is no official proposal, our response must be to maintain and intensify the strike.”

Faiad said that the category is willing to negotiate and that he can talk about a smaller readjustment than the request in conjunction with other corrections, such as the increase in food and daily allowances. “The idea is to open the negotiation channel to find alternatives, innovation and creativity in the process. The problem is that the government did not open negotiations. The first meeting will be now.”

The civil servants’ strike has already impacted several important BC releases, such as the Focus Bulletin, the exchange rate flow and statistics on the external, credit and tax sectors. The agency canceled the publications on the days that were scheduled and has not yet indicated new dates.

In a meeting last Friday, the unions that represent the category and the administration of the BC decided that Pix, the Brazilian Payment System (SPB) and the operating desks would be considered essential services and would be kept on a contingency basis during the mobilization. But there are still open questions to be discussed in a new meeting of the category, this Monday, says the president of Sinal.

“There will be fights all week. It’s not closed, because they put a Museum of Values ​​and bureaucratic activities that don’t make sense in this list of essential services. Maintaining essential services is okay and servers have a responsibility to do so. But Museu de Valores do BC at this point in the championship sounded like an unnecessary provocation by the bank’s board of directors”, said Faiad.

According to Sinal, about 725 commissioners left their positions and the expectation of joining the strike is 60% of the autarchy’s staff. BC has 3,500 servers.

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