Brazilian Surfing Confederation closes strategic partnership with Dream Factory

Live entertainment company to develop marketing plan and redesign Brazilian Surfing Circuit

Dream Factory, one of the main live entertainment companies in Brazil, and the Brazilian Surfing Confederation (CBSurf) closed a strategic partnership with the aim of further leveraging the sport in the country. In February, a new board led by surfer Teco Padaratz and other names in the history of national surfing, such as Paulo Moura and Brigitte Mayer, took over the management of the entity.

According to CBSurf, there will be two fronts of action. In the first, Dream Factory will be responsible for developing the entire marketing and business plan for the confederation, using the company’s expertise in building brands and live entertainment platforms.

In the second part of the partnership, Dream Factory will be the holder of the rights to the Brazilian Surfing Circuit which, from 2023, will be redesigned with the aim of promoting a complete and relevant experience for the public and for the brands, having the athletes as protagonists.

The idea is to value the synergy of sport with culture, lifestyle and nature, in a circuit that involves beaches in different parts of the country. The Brazilian Surfing Circuit will promote the regions where it passes, valuing social inclusion, the diversity of the Brazilian coast and bringing new business opportunities, sponsorships and visibility.

“We took over CBSurf with the aim of increasing the development and credibility of our sport. With this agreement with Dream Factory, we take another step on this trajectory. We want to highlight the leading role of our surfing heroes in Brazil, bringing to the country the appreciation they already have on the world circuit, in addition to helping to develop even more new athletes. This partnership will be fundamental for our growth as a confederation and as a national circuit”, explained Teco Padaratz, president of CBSurf.

“The moment of surfing for Brazil is unique. Olympic sport, great inspirational idols, expansion of visibility on TV and streaming, in short, there is a true perfect storm. Far beyond the more than 3 million practitioners, surfing is a sport that delights tens of millions of fans and supporters, as it carries attributes such as sustainability, music, health, tourism, gastronomy, art and fashion, moving the country’s economy. As part of our strategy of representing the mosaic of Brazilian culture, surfing cannot be missed, and this partnership with CBSurf is the best possible gateway”, summarized Duda Magalhães, president of Dream Factory.

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