Celorico de Basto does not assume for now the transfer of health skills

According to the Chamber, at the executive meeting, it was unanimously decided to “remove the item referring to the transfer of competences in the health area from the agenda”, and “the basis of this decision is the lack of definition on the part of the tutelage regarding this matter”. matter”.

According to a statement from the municipality sent to Lusa, “the lack of definition on the part of the guardianship” calls into question “the deliberation approved by the municipal executive, on 24 February, which provided for the transfer of powers on 1 April”.

Cited in the statement, the mayor, José Peixoto Lima (PSD), “declares that he regrets this situation, referring that “on the part of the municipality, everything was dealt with to comply with Decree-Law No. work with health workers who will move to the municipality and with service providers, in order to guarantee a full and safe transition and assumption of competences, on the scheduled date”.

The president also states that “it is incomprehensible that so close to the legal deadline for the transfer of competences there is not, on the part of the guardianship, an organization and information that allows the municipality to plan and efficiently ensure the important functions entrusted to it”.

The mayor added that “several versions of the transfer notice had been received at the municipal council, including one, on the same day of the municipal executive meeting, referring that the values ​​​​still had errors, a fact that led to the withdrawal of the subject from the agenda of the municipal executive. meeting”.

“The transfer report is a fundamental instrument for the municipality to provide the financial instruments available, as well as to efficiently and with guarantee of excellent service levels the competences in such a sensitive area”, reads the information.

It is also mentioned that the municipality “is now awaiting clarification from the State and a definitive position on the part of the guardianship to proceed with the process”.

The Government set April 1 as the deadline to decentralize competences in education and health to the municipalities, despite the low pace of voluntary adherence to the process, with several mayors stating that they are not prepared to develop them.

The competences in the scope of social action, which the municipalities should also assume on April 1st, only passed definitively to the municipalities on January 1st, 2023, since the sectorial diploma that detailed the tasks to be decentralized by the central administration was only enacted in February this year.

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