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Vice President Hamilton Mourão said this Monday (4th) that, so far, the “positive consequences” of the war in Ukraine “are being greater” than the negative consequences for the Brazilian economy.

Mourão was asked in an interview for Gazeta Grupo de Comunicações (RS) about the consequences for Brazil of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which took place on February 24.

The deputy, a retired Army general, said that the conflict increased the price of oil on the international market, which caused a new rise in fuel prices in Brazil and further put pressure on inflation. On the other hand, he argued, the country’s agricultural products have appreciated and the dollar has been falling in recent days.

“The immediate reflexes here in Brazil were this increase in the price of oil, which, consequently, generates an increase in the price of fuel and this increases the inflation that we are experiencing. But on the other hand, we had a significant increase in our commodities, mainly those related to the agricultural area, and this brings a greater inflow of dollars”, said Mourão.

Then the vice president added:

“We also had an inflow of dollars from foreign investors, since the Russian market closed, and with that the price of the dollar, the real-dollar ratio dropped a lot, practically returning to the levels of the beginning of 2020. In other words, we had consequences negative, but the positive consequences are getting bigger”.

Ukraine accuses Russia of war crimes

Deaths in the city of Bucha

Mourão also criticized what he called “murder” caused by the war. He commented on the images that circulated the world this week of civilian bodies found in the city of Bucha, on the outskirts of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, after the retreat of Russian troops.

“War has its limits and you cannot cause a slaughter of the civilian population in the way we saw there in Bucha. This goes against what is written in our Constitution in terms of international relations,” he said.

According to Ukraine’s attorney general, Iryna Venediktova, the bodies of 410 civilians were found near Kiev, some scattered on the streets of the city of Bucha. The discovery of mass graves has raised questions about possible war crimes according to the United Nations (UN).

When Russia began its invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, Mourão said that Brazil did not agree with the war. At the time, he also said that Brazil respected the sovereignty of Ukrainian territory.

“Brazil is not neutral. Brazil has made it very clear that it respects Ukraine’s sovereignty. So, Brazil does not agree with an invasion of Ukrainian territory. This is a reality”, said Mourão at the time.

Because of this statement, the vice was disallowed by Bolsonaro. In one of his lives, the president said that it was up to him, and not Mourão, to verbalize Brazil’s position. In more than a month of war, Bolsonaro has not yet said whether he is for or against the Russian invasion.

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