Giro da Tribuna pelo Esporte: International Cup gave a show, but Avancini did not go to the track

04/Apr 16:10

By Roberto Márcio, special for Tribuna

The weekend marked the fortnight of mountain biking in Petrópolis. The International Cup took hundreds to the São José Bike Club track, in Vale do Cuiabá, where it saw magnificent displays by Brazilian and foreign riders, on a wet track that offered a difficult scenario for the competition’s stars. For Petrópolis, a bit of frustration for not having seen Henrique Avancini compete for the Elite, but satisfied with the performance of Giuliana Salvini Morgen, Giugiu, who little by little enters the group of the best in the world.

Avancini preferred to save himself for the opening of the World Cup, which will take place next weekend. He accompanied the team that sponsored Caloi and was thrilled with the performance of his team’s athletes over the weekend. Giugiu, on the other hand, started 48th in the Short Track race and finished in ninth place, a classification that should earn points for the international ranking. She will compete on the ninth in the stage of the World Cup.

Photo: Pedro Cury

Speaking of women’s, Jolanda Neff, from Switzerland, was the big name of the International Cup weekend. Since taking the lead early on, she has solidly built her Olympic Cross Country (XCO) victory. The women held gala exhibitions and raised the public along the route of the technical petropolitan track. In the men’s, Chile’s Martin Vidaurre Kossmann won the men’s. Luiz Cocuzzi from São Paulo was the best Brazilian.

Could CBC also suggest building a mountain bike CT here?

On its official website, the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) announced a partnership with the Minas Gerais city of Conceição do Mato Dentro, for the construction of a mountain bike training center in the region known for Ecotourism. After the International Cup and the subsequent World Cup, the entity’s directors could talk with the Petropolitans to set up a similar project in the municipality. There are plenty of reasons for that, don’t you think?

Petropolitan help to avoid the red-black tetra

In 1980, a certain Anapolina scored the winning goal for Serrano over Flamengo, eliminating the Cariocas from the dispute for the unprecedented fourth championship. Well, 42 years later, a Petropolitan named Luiz Henrique decided to unbalance again, serving as a waiter for Germán Cano’s goal, which gave the title to Fluminense over the same Flamengo that disputed the fourth consecutive title, on Saturday in the middle of Maracanã.

Petropolitan help to avoid the red-black tetra II

2022 will be marked in the history of Luiz Henrique, the young Petropolitan who made the difference in favor of Fluminense in the Carioca Championship. Ok, he was eliminated in Libertadores, but his football was not devalued for that, quite the opposite: in June he will go to Spain, where he plays for Betis. And we cannot forget about another Petropolitan: Marcão, Abel Braga’s assistant coach in the tricolor, who had his participation in the conquest there.

Table football will have official dispute at Serrano

The Imperial Table Football League and Petropolitan Sports League agreed this year to hold the Municipal Championship of the traditional “button”. In a recent meeting, leaders of the Imperial League talked to Serrano’s board and agreed on all the details for the competition to be held at Leão da Serra’s headquarters, on Madre Francisca Pia Street. The event is scheduled to start on the first of May.

Biggest organized crowd criticizes the fan’s distance from the club

The supporters “I am a serranista yes sir” published a long text on their Facebook page, in which they criticize what they call the distancing of the Interfut project with Petrópolis. With the title “Far and distant”, the author suggests that Petropolitans have no identification of what they consider “true Serrano”, since amateur teams, despite representing well the Petropolitan club, do not play or train in Petrópolis.

Illustrious Petropolitans celebrated the tricolor title and showed euphoria on social networks

It was impossible to contain the euphoria of Petropolitans after the end of the Carioca Championship decision. Some of them went to Maracanã to celebrate winning a championship they hadn’t won in 10 years and, precisely, over their biggest rival. One of the personalities who were at the ex-biggest in the world celebrating was the president of LPD, José Neto. In the same spirit was Adriana Rinaldi, sister of referee Rodrigo Rinaldi and who follows the sport daily.

All ready for the first friendly match between Gonçalense/Petrópolis FC

Next Friday, probably in the afternoon, Gonçalense/Imperial will play their first friendly match and the opponent will be Império Serrano, from the State Series C. The exact location and time will be agreed by Tuesday. Meanwhile, coach Luciano Tinoco prepares his players for the debut that will be on the 30th of this month, in Petrópolis and already for the weekend’s preparation will have almost the entire cast, including striker Denílson should be present at the game.

While not starting professional, Vera Cruz shows strength from the base

Vera Cruz’s professional team will only debut in the Serie C State Championship on May 8, against Barcelona at the Joaquim Flores stadium. But the amateur teams are on the field to show all their talent and the strength of football in the Imperial City. The under-15 and under-17 teams went into action at Start Cup Rio. Recently, the club announced the names of the under-11 to under-20 coaches, a solid investment that will bear fruit for the club.

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