Government invests more than R$ 11 million in Taquarussu, with important works in infrastructure, education and sports

To serve the population and contribute to the local economy, the governor delivered important works in the city of Taquarussu, in areas such as urban infrastructure, sports and education. There were more than R$ 11.8 million in investments in the municipality.

“Since the beginning of our administration we have made a great partnership in these seven years and three months. The Government is present here in the city”, said the governor.

Among the works delivered is the paving and drainage of the streets of the Hélio Batista Gomes Subdivision, in the amount of R$ 2.09 million.

“We have changed the way we treat the municipalities, because the State only grows if the cities grow. These works that we deliver help and improve the lives of the population”, pondered the governor.

At the event held at the city hall, the governor also authorized the bidding for the construction of a bicycle lane, on the side of the highway, which will have an investment of R$ 3.5 million.

“Taquarussu owes a lot to the governor. He is already part of the city’s history, as he has helped us a lot. We received patrols, vehicles, vehicles and works, such as the long-awaited bike path and the renovation of the school”, said Mayor Clovis José.

Sport appreciation

Taquarussu received sports arena from the MS Bom de Bola program

Focusing on sports and leisure, the population of Taquarussu received a sports arena from the “MS Bom de Bola” program, worth R$343,000, which has space for 3×3 football and basketball.

The site also has bleachers, LED lights and synthetic grass. The intention is to contribute to sports practice, which was damaged during the pandemic. An agreement was also signed for the renovation project of the Flávio Derzi Sports Gym, in the amount of R$ 1.08 million.

“Supporting sports is one of my priorities, as well as the events sector, so much so that we signed an agreement for R$ 100,000 to support the Festa do Peão, in May”.

better learning

To improve learning and have a more modern structure, the governor signed a work order for the renovation of the Martinho Marques State School, in an investment of R$ 4.8 million.

Student Natan Vieira, 18, highlighted that the renovation will be important for the school, especially the classrooms. “I have studied here since the sixth year, it is a good place to learn, the renovation will help us a lot”. Student Gabriele Melchior, 16, pondered that a better structure and environment will collaborate with the students’ study and teaching. “I entered the school this year and I am sure that this reform will be beneficial to everyone.”

The unit will have a general renovation and thus benefit 391 students, to contribute to learning in the state education network. The event also had the delivery of 121 textbooks to teachers and students, within the MS Alfabetiza program. “This is a project that welcomes minors, so that children up to 76 years old are literate at the right age”.

In addition to the governor, secretaries Sérgio de Paula (Casa Civil), Maria Cecília Amendola (Education) and Jaime Verruck (Semagro) participated in the agenda, as well as federal deputy Beto Pereira, state deputies Barbosinha and Mara Caseiro and mayor Clóvis José and councilors.

Leonardo Rocha, Subcom

Photos: Chico Ribeiro

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