Government of Amazonas announces new hub of the Sport and Leisure Project

During the visit to Alto Solimões, Faar’s strategic team was also in Benjamin Constant

CEO of Faar, Jorge Oliveira, at the launch of Pelci in São Gabriel. PHOTOS: Publicity/Faar

The Government of Amazonas announced, on Saturday (04/02), Tabatinga as the new hub of the Sport and Leisure Project in the Capital and Interior (Pelci). Now the municipality joins Manaus and São Gabriel da Cachoeira in the sports project coordinated by the Amazonas de Alto Rendimento Foundation (Faar), which offers free classes in various modalities.

“The same quality that children in the capital receive in sports schools, in materials and equipment, children and adolescents at the Tabatinga hub are also receiving. (Pelci was) designed by Governor Wilson Lima to serve the entire state of Amazonas. We believe that athletes trained by Pelci will be, above all, great citizens of Tabatinga”, commented Jorge Oliveira, CEO of Faar.

The event took place on the court of Escola Estadual GM3, with more than 140 children and young people enrolled in the project to disseminate grassroots sports for high performance. On the occasion, sports equipment such as balls, cones, whistle kits, hula hoops, goal nets, vests, in addition to standardized uniforms, were delivered.

Mother of three, Elen Oliveira, 38, sees in sport the future for her children and other children and young people who will be able to build a bright future. “I see many children and young people getting involved with what they shouldn’t. The government’s sports project, arriving in Tabatinga, is an incentive for these young people to seek better lives, both personally and professionally”, she stressed.

In the interior of Amazonas, in addition to Tabatinga, Pelci is present in the municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, which has more than 200 child athletes, in futsal, volleyball, handball and jiu-jitsu. Faar will also announce new hubs such as Coari, Codajás, Humaitá, Guajará and Tefé.

In the capital of Amazonas, Pelci has six active centers such as the CDC da Compensa, offering wrestling and soccer; Arena Amadeu Teixeira with futsal, jiu-jitsu, volleyball, handball and basketball; Manaus Olympic Village with athletics activities; Campo do Prosamim in Santo Agostinho, State School Solon de Lucena, as a nucleus for students from the school system and Campo do Passarinho with soccer and volleyball.


On Sunday morning (03/04), Faar’s strategic team, made up of Pelci members, also visited the municipality of Benjamin Constant (1,121 kilometers from Manaus). The purpose of the visit, through the promotion front, was to deliver field and indoor soccer balls to sports projects that had already been visited before.

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