HGG resumes Art Workshop for patients this Tuesday

In activity before the pandemic, patient exercises creativity at the HGG Art Workshop

The State Hospital Dr. Alberto Rassi (HGG) resumes, this Tuesday (5), one of his humanization projects, the Art Workshop. Launched in 2014, the activity was carried out fortnightly with patients and companions of the Goiás Government unit, under the guidance of plastic artist Alexandre Liah, and had to be suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The last meeting was held on February 19, 2020.

The location of the workshops is inspiring: Jardim da Solistência, an open interior space, with a landscape design and a plaque with a poem by Graciliano Ramos, called Solistência, which deals with existence and solitude. In this place, ten patients will be able to exercise their creativity and become artists through canvas, paints and brushes.

Responsible for the project since the beginning, Alexandre Liah highlights that the workshops are more than a distraction for patients. “Each workshop is unique. We seek to seek the memories of these people, who I don’t call patients, I call them artists, because, from the moment they arrive to participate, we want them to forget a little about the situation they are in. We try to change the focus and bring it to an artistic activity”, he explains.

Liah also says that this is a moment that makes patients bring to the screen memories, places, things and people they miss. “From there, interesting works emerge, because each one tries to reflect a situation, the environment they live in, and this makes them, for a moment, forget that they are sick and practice something healthy. Very unusual situations happen, like very simple people, who have never painted in their lives, and manage, through colors, to manifest and paint.”

In each workshop, patients receive a blank canvas and a variety of brushes and paint colors to unleash their creativity and bring out the sleeping artist. “The works are incredible, wonderful things come out, it seems that the contact with color creates a glow, brightens the eyes. There are people who cry, it seems like a catharsis. There are many interesting situations”, says Liah.

For the plastic artist, the return of the project represents greater acceptance of patients at the HGG. “I think this project, which we have been doing for almost nine years, is very fruitful. We have a collection of works and we can, in the future, hold an exhibition with the canvases of these artists”, he says excitedly.

Carolina Pessoa/Idtech

Photo: HGG file

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