ICMBio and Christ the Redeemer Sanctuary celebrate protocol of intentions

was celebrated today (4) an agreement aimed at the public planning of the Tijuca National Park, to guarantee the preservation of biodiversity and the mitigation of environmental impacts with the maintenance and accessibility of Morro do Corcovado and the Cristo Redentor Sanctuary.

The protocol of intentions and the Coexistence Agreement were signed by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio) and by Mitra Arquiepiscopal do Rio of January. The objective is to make religious and tourist activities compatible with ICMBio’s institutional work, to strengthen the integration between the environment and cultural, historical and religious values ​​in the place.

ICMBio’s president, Marcos Simanovic, explains that the park’s management plan remains in effect, as well as the access rules, but the Church is now participating in the management committee to better organize events at Christ.

“We have two treasures here: Christ the Redeemer and Tijuca National Park. The scenic beauty, the nature to be conserved, all this represents quality of life for the human being. What we want is to seek an increasingly qualified visitation”.

Father Omar Raposo, rector of the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer, celebrated the agreement for the shared management of the space, which will guarantee access for visitors and pilgrims. According to him, the chapel will be open 24 hours.

“The idea now is not to close the chapel of Christ anymore, let’s to have always vigils with scheduled groups. This is a place of prayer, meeting with culture, integration, so that you can also establish a spiritual connection with the city of Rio of January. We need faith and that way we want to welcome them in the best possible way”.

The tourist operation of Cristo Redentor remains from 8 am to 6 pm, working after that time for ceremonies and events with scheduled groups.

Signing Ceremony of the Protocol of Intent between the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro and ICMBio and of the Agreement for the Land Regularization of Complexo da Maré and the Parque Alegria Community.

President Jair Bolsonaro and other authorities participated in the signing ceremony of the Protocol of Intent and the Agreement for the Land Regularization of Complexo da Maré and the Parque Alegria Community – Alan Santos/PR

Tide Regularization

At the same event, the Agreement for the Land Regularization of Complexo da Maré and Parque Alegria Community was also signed, between the Ministry of Economy and the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro. of January.

According to the Special Secretary for Privatization, Divestment and Markets, Diogo Mac Cord, 90% of the area occupied by the Maré Favelas Complex belongs to the Union. With the agreement signed, the municipality will be able to give the property title to the residents of the place.

“From this agreement, the municipality of Rio of January can immediately begin the process of land regularization of the pilot projects within the Complexo da Maré. The entire Complex has around 35,000 families, almost 150,000 people, and today An agreement was signed to start the regularization of around 10 thousand families, so that we can test the model and be able to move forward in the regularization of the entire Complexo da Maré”, explained the secretary.

According to Mac Cord, the first places to benefit are Rubem Vaz and Parque União. Families with an income of up to five minimum wages will receive title to the property free of charge. Those with income above that to haveThere are discounts and special conditions for payment. The first step towards land regularization will be a census prepared by the city hall.

The same process has already been carried out by the federal government in the areas of Vicente Pires and Fazenda Sálvia, in the Federal District, benefiting 100,000 people, and on Ilha de Paranaguá, in Paraná, for another 40,000 people.

The signing of the two terms took place in the morning, after the celebration of a mass by the Archbishop of Rio of JanuaryDon Orani Tempesta, to mark the beginning of the festivities of the Centenary of the Fundamental Stone of Christ the Redeemer, with the presence of President Jair Bolsonaro and ministers of state, among them the Economy, Paulo Guedes, and the Environment, Joaquim Leite , in addition to the governor, Cláudio Castro, and the mayor Eduardo Paes.

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