Players are staining their own history at Flamengo

Flamengo lost the Carioca title to Fluminense after drawing the second game at Maracanã on Saturday, a result that occurs precisely at the moment when the club’s problems regarding managers, as well as in the relationship between the players and coach Paulo Sousa, come to light. , who has not yet managed to make the team present what is expected, while trying to reformulate.

In the Posse de Bola #216 podcast, Mauro Cezar Pereira says that it is becoming clear how Flamengo players are acting at the moment in relation to the coach, emphasizing that their behavior is not worthy of a title and that they are risking their own history. victorious that they built in the club.

“If Flamengo circumstantially beat Fluminense 2-0 and took it to penalties, something similar, it wouldn’t be deserved because these players don’t deserve to win any championship. The way they’re dealing with the situation is absurd, I’ve never seen a thing so explicit in football like that of a squad against a coach, I don’t remember. It’s very clear, it’s assumed, it’s transparent”, says Mauro Cezar.

“What is happening is serious, it’s the management’s fault, it’s the players’ fault and it’s also Paulo Sousa’s fault, because it’s his job, but there’s no good will there, there are pots in there, a deplorable thing, of players who are simply, some of them, tarnishing the beautiful history they built at the club”, he adds.

The journalist says that Paulo Sousa was hired to do what the board was not capable of in terms of reformulating the cast, but that he also needs to achieve results so that he has support and continues with the renewal process.

“Paulo Sousa is at Flamengo with a mission that is to reformulate the squad. When he put Diego Ribas to play Fla-Flu there at the beginning of the championship, at Engenhão and also during the match against Atlético-MG, many people complained Look, Diego didn’t come in anymore, he only enters the game won, against the little ones from Rio he was coming in. Diego Alves was injured, he came back, played two games badly and is out, there’s a new goalkeeper, Santos. the work that the board should have done, was hired with this mission and is taking it to its ultimate consequences”, says Mauro.

“Paulo Sousa also needs to have intelligence at that time, he will have support if he has results, if he doesn’t have results, he will fall, every coach falls at these times. , 13 guys who are his players who will start the games tomorrow in Peru against Sporting Cristal in Libertadores and Saturday in Goiânia against Atlético-GO. positive, two wins, he is a little calmer to start this renewal process”, he adds.

Mauro cites the statement he gave last Friday at Posse de Bola #215, when he pointed out that Flamengo’s players were winners, but today they are not, pointing out that they should not have the power to claim at this time.

“The Flamengo players, who are losers today as I said here on Friday, are no longer winners, they reached a very beautiful title, they wanted the tetra, but they achieved more than the tetra, it was the Rio tetra, they got the fifth runner-up, because they were runners-up in the Brasileirão, Libertadores, Supercopa, Taça Guanabara, which is also a cup, and now runners-up in Rio de Janeiro”, he jokes.

“They are down, they can’t deal the cards, they don’t have to deal the cards, even if they were up, the club is bigger than Marcos Braz, than Paulo Sousa, than Jorge Jesus and than the players”, he concludes.

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