Secretariat for the Environment and Water Resources signs partnerships to carry out cleaning actions for rivers, streams and waterfalls

An action led by the Secretariat for the Environment and Water Resources (Semarh) in partnership with the Palmas Environment Foundation and various bodies, with the aim of collecting waste and cleaning the banks of rivers, waterfalls and other water courses in the state. , is in the planning phase to be started soon in the capital of Tocantins, Palmas. The Semarh team has been visiting partners to put the project, called Natureza+Limpa, into practice in May, with the first action in Taquaruçu.

Meetings to establish partnerships are already underway, such as the meeting, held last Thursday, March 31, between the Secretary of the Environment and Water Resources, Miyuki Hyashida, the Executive Secretary of Semarh, Karynne Sotero, the Director of Education Environment for Sustainability at Semarh, Erliette Gadotti, and judge Ângela Prudente, president of the Management Committee of the Judiciary’s Sustainable Logistics Plan (PLS/PJTO), in addition to the servants of the Social and Environmental Management and Social Responsibility Coordination (Cogersa/TJTO) , Kamilla Prado, Leila Jardim and Patricia Idehara.

Photo: Disclosure / MPTO
Photo: Disclosure / TJTO

Secretary Miyuki Hyashida highlighted that the Court of Justice is already an important partner in other environmental actions in Tocantins for coordinating the Sustainable TO Network, an initiative of which the Government of Tocantins is part through Semarh, of the Tocantinense Sanitation Agency ( ATS) and the State University of Tocantins (Unitins).

On another occasion, on Friday, April 1, the director Erliette Gadotti and the manager of Environmental Education at Semarh, Thays Lopes, were also received by the attorney general of the Public Ministry of Tocantins, Luciano Casaroti, and the attorney general of Justice and coordinator of the Operational Support Center for Urban Planning, Housing and Environment Prosecutors (Caoma) of the Public Ministry of Tocantins, José Maria da Silva Júnior, to officially invite the agency to participate in the action.

The project

The Natureza+Clean project initially foresees seven field actions to clean rivers, streams and their banks, the first being scheduled for May 7th in the stream that runs through the urban area of ​​the Taquaruçu district. The initial schedule also includes other actions in the Taquaruçu Grande stream (also in Taquaruçu) and in the streams Machado (Southern region of Palmas), Brejo Comprido (Central-South), Cipó (rural area) and Sussuapara (Central-North).

For Erliette Gadotti, “the action is important not only for cleaning the water, but also for the correct destination of solid waste, since all the material collected will be donated to the cooperatives of collectors”.

The director also explains that the action is inspired by the “Rios+Limpos” project, from the Ministry of the Environment, which had an edition in Palmas on March 19, with 116 volunteers and support from several partners, including Semarh. At the time, around 300 kg of waste were removed from Lago de Palmas, which, after sorting, were sent for recycling. (With information from the TJTO)

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