Secretary of the Environment files a draft law on the new concession for urban cleaning and solid waste management in the City Council

The Municipal Secretary of the Environment, Nei Hamilton Haveroth, and the Director of Environmental Conservation and Animal Welfare, Ailton Martins Lima, filed this Monday (4), at the City Council, the draft law that asks for authorization from the Legislative for the publication of the bidding notice in the concession modality for urban cleaning and solid waste management. Today’s act follows the rules of the Federal Constitution, which determines that all concessions and permissions for public services, including basic sanitation and urban cleaning, need authorization from the Municipal Legislature to proceed.


“The Municipality of Cascavel needs this legislative authorization to grant this public service. Currently, the service provided by the company in urban cleaning follows the procedures of Federal Law 8666/1993; With the approval of the councilors, we will change the way in which the future company is hired based on studies prepared by the Fundação Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica – FIPE”, explained the Municipal Secretary for the Environment, Nei Hamilton Haveroth.

According to Federal Law 8666/1993, the public administration needs to go a long way, which includes the bidding process, the contract itself, inspection of the contract, in addition to all possible burdens, such as delay in service, extrapolation of the fixed budget, changes not programmed, among others.

In the public service concession model, the advantage is that there is a guarantee that the service will be effectively provided, that the service will be delivered within the established deadline (because there are sanctions for companies that do not comply with their obligations) and that if there is any problem, he will be able to go directly to the company that provides the service and, possibly, he will receive a response in less time.

After the councilors’ consideration and approval, the Municipality may open the bidding notice for the new concession, where all the rules, which have already been discussed at a public hearing, are presented to the companies interested in the event.

Recyclable Materials Cooperatives are part of the new concession model

Cooperatives of recyclable materials have been part of the discussion about the contracting model for urban cleaning and solid waste management since the beginning, as determined by the Federal Constitution. “The Municipality aligned with the representatives of the cooperatives is that we have common goals to improve the income of workers in this sector; for this, the city hall will make the payment for sorting the material that arrives at one of the Ecopoints, thus contributing to the increase of the cooperative members’ income”, emphasized the Municipal Secretary of the Environment, Nei Hamilton Haveroth.

The payment will be for the production of the sorting carried out by the cooperatives in the extra field of the concession contract. In other words, the new concessionaire will collect the recyclable material mapped by the Municipal Environment Department for the Ecopoints, and the cooperatives will also collect material at specific locations agreed with the Municipality, and this extra activity will be remunerated by the government.

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