Semas conducts training in environmental education in the municipality of Gurupá

Technicians and managers from the municipality of Gurupá, on the island of Marajó, began training in Environmental Education today, promoted by the Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability (Semas). The training takes place until next Friday (8). Various topics related to environmental issues guide the 30 participants enrolled in the course so that they have better conditions in municipal environmental performance. The action is carried out jointly with the Regulariza Pará Program, which is promoting the Rural Environmental Registry of quilombola communities in the municipality.

The training is carried out by the Environmental Education Coordination (Ceam) of Semas, with emphasis on environmental challenges, especially those of the region, socio-environmental legislation, sustainable development, proper disposal of solid waste, in addition to ecological relationships and other themes, such as, for example, the elaboration of action plans to achieve environmental and socioeconomic solutions according to local characteristics and specificities.

The program also provides for home economics workshops, including soap production, from the reuse of used cooking oil; presentation of composting methods, with homemade organic waste and also the artisanal creation of eco-jewelry, using materials that would go to the trash, mainly paper for soap, perfume, and other products.

According to the manager of articulation and dissemination of environmental education at Semas, Waldilene Garcia, the training has the same program content taught in other municipalities with the aim of universalizing knowledge so that it can be applied in all regions, observing local specificities. “The same issues will be worked on. There will be a workshop to manufacture soap from the reuse of used cooking oil, on Tuesday (5); home composting on Wednesday (6). The municipality was waiting for this first time that the State presents this type of domestic economy training to residents. Participants are very excited about these activities,” she said.

The environment secretary of the municipality of Gurupá, Geovane Camarão, reveals that he is happy to receive the Semas team in this environmental education course. “Training is going to be very important for our municipality, because for many years the Municipal Environment Department was waiting for such a course, because we know that environmental education is essential for our people to be able to develop good work in the socio-environmental area and local economy”, he pointed out.


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