Technology is the trend of the future in condominium security

In its three decades of operations in the security market, Verzani & Sandrini has closely followed the intense changes and evolution of the sector. These transformations led to the professionalization and structuring of asset security and electronic surveillance processes focused on offering more tranquility and efficiency.

digital access

The solution allows for the traceability of tenants and guests. In practice, with digital access control, both condominium residents and their guests are identified by a specific code for each one. This means safety for the environment, with controlled movement of people in common areas.

“Each resident has a key for free access to the condominium, which can be a card, password, or QR code on their cell phone. Also, with the technology offered by Verzani, for example, the unit owner has at his disposal an invitation generation system. Through a mobile application, the resident defines the expected time of entry of his guest and sends a link for registration without the need to install any application. With the data filled in by the guest, a QR code is generated that will allow them to enter the condominium”, highlights Gauthama Nassif, CSO at Verzani & Sandrini.

Control of orders and messaging

With the pandemic, online shopping has had a significant increase. Still, with the popularization of food delivery apps and supermarket items, it became difficult to control access and organize deliveries in condominiums with many residents. With this, another facility that technology allows is the online control of deliveries, whether orders or deliveries.

“The owner himself accesses the system and notifies the concierge of the expected day and time of delivery of his product. At the concierge, the order received is registered directly in the system, which notifies the resident on his cell phone of the delivery and registers the person who picked it up”, comments Nassif.

Access control of employees and service providers

Another point that generates discomfort for residents of condominiums is the access of outsourced companies in common areas. With the condominium management system, the resident can register the service providers, allowing their access only during a certain period of time.

“This technology helps in the management of service providers by the landlord and doorman, who have to identify and confirm the authorization of each person who enters the condominium. With the system, all authorizations are registered and can be viewed in reports available to the condominium manager. It’s more security, both for the residents, as well as for the concierge and administrator”, emphasizes the executive.

100% online control and management

Managing the use of leisure spaces is another very delicate issue in condominiums. The sharing of party rooms, barbecues, sports courts is almost always done in direct conversation between the owner and the landlord, which makes it difficult to know the availability of spaces by the other residents.

“With the condominium management system, the residents themselves will be able to make their reservations through the mobile application, and the appointments will be available to everyone else. The manager also has a dashboard, or an exclusive area, in which it is possible to view all events, manage activities and generate complete reports on the day to day in the condominium”, explains the director of Verzani & Sandrini.

The purpose of technology is to make people’s lives easier and to generate greater security for those who use it. Combining technology with safety and good practices is investing in a more peaceful and comfortable future for everyone.

Consolidated presence of Vale do Paraíba

Operating in the region for more than 15 years, Verzani & Sandrini has more than 720 clients in Vale do Paraíba. With security, facilities and maintenance services, the company is a reference for residential condominiums, industries, shopping centers, health institutions and educational institutions.

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