Why don’t Dudu and Veiga get chances in the Brazilian team?

Dudu and Raphael Veiga gave yesterday (3), in the 4-0 rout over São Paulo that resulted in a new title for Palmeiras, another demonstration that they deserve at least to be in the sights of coach Tite. Shirt 23 scored his ninth goal in the finals for the alviverde team, while shirt 7 called the game again and made an incredible move in the third goal, scored precisely by Veiga.

Faced with yet another great performance by the duo, we summon the columnists of the UOL Esporte for the following debate: why are Dudu and Raphael Veiga not given chances in the Brazilian team? Check the answers:

Because they don’t have Tite’s trust, it can only be. There have already been people in a worse phase called that would debunk the argument of technical criteria. Tite has even said that the Selection is also a place of recovery, taking athletes who were not even 100% physically. I am very sorry for the athletes, but he is not the first nor will he be the last coach to have his favourites.

Because Dudu and Raphael Veiga do not have a successful passage through Europe.

I think they are two different cases. I don’t see much point in calling up Dudu now, there are players who are better than him and who play at a high European level. The comparison is ungrateful. But that was not the reality four or five years ago. On that occasion, Dudu was passed over by Cebolinha, Taison… I think there was some ill will from Tite towards him. Veiga is another story. It emerged a year ago as an option and still in a needy position, so much so that Tite is insisting with Philippe Coutinho. You can’t understand Veiga not having an opportunity now, it’s a case similar to Dudu’s (from years ago).

Because Tite has his favorites, which is natural for Brazilian teams. It may seem kind of obvious, but sometimes it’s not: coaches build their teams, not teams with the best players at any given time. Dudu is going through the best phase of his career, but he could have had a chance at the beginning of this cycle with Tite. When he was also well, Veiga could have had a chance in the cycle in place of Everton Ribeiro. Tite, however, preferred to go with his trusted men.

Because the choice is personal and they haven’t been among the 23 favorites ever since. In favor of Tite, it can be said that Dudu’s best moment coincided with a “ready and closed” selection for 2018 and, now, his best moment at Palmeiras happens (technical quality start) after the two call-ups of the year. In the case of Veiga, I believe, Tite has in his favor the amount of quality players in the same position playing in stronger leagues. Justifying doesn’t mean agreeing with the fact that both didn’t have a chance. Worse for me, however, is Danilo’s absence. Young, yes, but the best player in activity in Brazil with leftovers.

Because Tite is Eurocentrist. If they played for Sassuolo or Alavés, they would have had opportunities.

Because Tite’s pot is already set. The competition at the end is very cruel with Dudu, it’s true. But Tite preferring Coutinho to Veiga is simply inexplicable!

I believe that Dudu is not called because, although he is playing fine, his competitors in attack are stronger. The lack of opportunities for Raphael Veiga only Tite can explain. I hope he has some tactical justification because Veiga could be useful to the selection.

Because Tite realized that the difference in level between football played in Europe and South America is stratospheric. Even so, Danilo, Raphael Veiga and even Dudu seem to be being wronged, since, back there, the national team coach did not deprive himself of giving opportunities to several locals, such as Rodrigo Caio, Éverton Ribeiro and Gabigol.

Because Tite is blind or dumb.

It’s a Tite inconsistency. I think few players who work in Brazil could change scenarios in World Cup-level games, but Everton Ribeiro, for example, was called up several times without having a good time.

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