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ShiftPower technology makes the car with faster acceleration response (Photo: Pixabay)

Over time, the development of new automotive technologies has been improved, all to make driving safer and more efficient. Among them is tShiftPower technologyable to customize the throttle response, understand.

ShiftPower technology makes the car more responsive to acceleration
ShiftPower technology makes the car with faster acceleration response (Photo: Pixabay)

ShiftPower: technology decreases the car’s acceleration response

With the advancement of automotive technology, new solutions appear on the market to make consumers have new options that please them and meet certain needs.

According to Faaftech, one of the companies that develops the technology, the ShiftPower interface is responsible for eliminating the acceleration delay in addition to being able to customize driving through various driving modes.


The developer explains that the interface is connected behind the accelerator pedal through a Plug-and-Play connector that works to eliminate the acceleration delay.

In this way, the car becomes “smarter” and the time between stepping on the accelerator and the engine’s response is reduced.

In addition to more efficient acceleration, the improved responsiveness generates a feeling of power gain, leaving the vehicle looking more sporty.

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Driving modes can also be added

In addition to a more dynamic and sporty response, through technology it is possible to add new driving modes to the vehicle, such as those most used by the automakers themselves: Dynamic, Sport, Sport+, Race, Eco and others.

ShiftPower technology makes the car more responsive to acceleration
Car performance changes according to the selected driving mode (Photo: Faaftech)

Security is also enhanced through the system

In addition to the personalized driving modes, ShifPower is also responsible for adding more security to the vehicle, since through the interface, it is also possible to activate the valet mode, which allows you to customize the acceleration between 15% to 45% efficiency.

Lock mode can also be activated through the system, where the module completely cancels the throttle response, where when stepping on the brake, the car will have no throttle response.

Plug-and-Play installation guarantees the originality of the vehicle

In addition, another highlight is the installation using Plug-and-Play connectors, where the originality of the vehicle is preserved, since there is no need for cutting wires or other adaptations.

In general, the manufacturer explains that the Plug-and-Play system is the installation through specific connectors. That is, the connector will fit perfectly on the pedal.

For this same reason, the plug-in-play system is advantageous as it does not compromise the zero km car warranty.

ShiftPower and power chip are different systems

As Faaftech explains, ShiftPower is not a power chip. The latter is a module installed in the car’s electronic central, known as the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

It is used to “cheat” the electronic injection that will change the way it works, releasing more power to the original engine.

However, this type of product directly interferes with the originality of the car, in addition to the fact that it is a more expensive solution, since it needs specialized labor and specific programming.

ShiftPower technology makes the car more responsive to acceleration
System is installed through a connector on the vehicle’s pedal (Photo: Pixabay)

With information from Faaftech

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