Adriano Pires gives up the presidency of Petrobras, says columnist | Economy


Adriano Pires

Economist and consultant Adriano Pires informed Palácio do Planalto this Monday that he will not occupy the position of president of Petrobras, to which he was appointed last week by President Jair Bolsonaro, who is dissatisfied with the company’s current commander, Joaquim Silva e Luna. , after successive increases in fuel prices. The information is provided by GLOBO columnist Malu Gaspar.

The consultant has been alerting people close to the decision since yesterday and says he only discovered after accepting the position that the state-owned company does not allow its executives to have relatives commercially linked to competitors and business partners. And to assume the presidency of the oil company, Pires was passing the shares of the consultancy to his son, Pedro.

Pires will follow in the footsteps of Flamengo’s president, Rodolfo Landim, who was also appointed by Bolsonaro to head the company’s board of directors, but withdrew.

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The two have conflicts of interest that could even remove them from the positions they would occupy.

Businessman and partner in gas distributors, Carlos Suarez, who is also a friend of Rodolfo Landim for decades, is a client of Pires. In addition to him, Pires provides services to the sector association (Abegás), Compass, the gas concessionaire owned by businessman Rubens Ometto, and several other companies in the sector.

The columnist reports that reports from Petrobras’ Governance and Compliance Board on the history of Pires and Landim scared the government, especially the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque.

The company’s committee would evaluate the nominations on Tuesday (5), so that they would take office on April 13.

The Public Ministry at the Federal Audit Court (TCU) has filed a preliminary injunction with the Court to prevent consultant Adriano Pires from taking command of Petrobras before an “in-depth” investigation is carried out by the competent authorities to investigate possible conflict of interest.

In the representation, Deputy Attorney General Lucas Furtado highlights that Pires is the director of a consulting company, the Brazilian Center for Infrastructure (CBIE), which has provided services to several companies in the oil and gas sector for over 20 years.

In the document, Furtado endorses reports about the change of command at Petrobras, stating that Pires maintains economic relations with companies that are related to Petrobras and with its international competitors such as the Americans Chevron and Exxon Mobil and the British Shell.


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