Climbing Serra do Mar by the new Tamoios surprises drivers with technology

The new lane of Rodovia dos Tamoios for the ascent of Serra do Mar, inaugurated at the end of March, impresses with its technology. The driver has Wi-Fi service, emergency telephones every 60 meters, alert megaphones and lighting inside the tunnels regulated by the sun on the outside so that the eyes get used to the dark.

The report of Estadão traveled to Tamoios, the main access to the beaches on the north coast of São Paulo, last week and found some stretches still under construction, in addition to occasional problems in the old part of the highway. But the feeling when going up the mountain by car is one of comfort and safety.

Were it not for the beautiful scenery of Serra do Mar and the beaches that unfold along the open track, outside the tunnels, it would be impossible to feel the 800-meter climb from beginning to end of the stretch. Respecting the speed limit of 80 km per hour – 60 km/h for trucks – it was just 16 minutes of travel.

Truck driver Jacimar dos Santos Silva regretted having been ‘deceived’ by the GPS on his cell phone when he traveled to Ubatuba and Caraguatatuba in the morning. “The app informed me that Tamoios was under construction and told me to take the Oswaldo Cruz (highway). I drove two more hours, taking a worse saw than Tamoios. On my way back, a colleague told me about the new Tamoios. confusing access in Caraguatatuba, but the road is excellent”, he said.

For motorcyclists, the large extension of the tunnels on the new Tamoios is an important differentiator. “For those who travel by motorcycle, the biggest problems of this mountain, besides the curves, are the fog, the rain and the wind, which almost throws you into the abyss. In the tunnels of the new track, there is practically no wind, no rain, it’s just calm “, said Ancelmo Ximenez Veiga, manager of the Alto da Serra post.

A resident of Caraguatatuba, he rides a motorcycle to work every day. “It takes me 25 minutes to go down the mountain range, but now I go up in just over 10 minutes,” he said.

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