Environment, the real reality show (by Emiliano Lobo de Godoi)

In times of a digital world, it is confusing to define what, in fact, our reality is. Watching and accompanying people we don’t know, with habits we don’t have, in a house we’ve never been, and never will, can’t be called a reality show or a reality show. Whose reality?

Our reality, at least that of the vast majority of our population, is very far from this world. This is not our way. This is not our environment.

It is increasingly necessary to take our eyes off the screens of TV sets and cell phones and see the people around us, walk on the streets of our cities, get to know the culture of our region and value the rarity of our biodiversity. It is necessary to observe the environment in which we are. This is our environment, our reality and our true reality show.

In this real world, we can see that Brazil has 20% of the total number of living species on Earth and has a marine coast of 3.5 million km², which includes ecosystems such as coral reefs, dunes, mangroves, lagoons, estuaries and swamps. A wealth that, to be valued, needs to be known. We have a diversity of more than 200 indigenous peoples and several quilombola communities, caiçaras and rubber tappers, who bring together an incalculable collection of traditional knowledge.

We must feel what is happening beyond the screens and recognize that we are in a country with one of the greatest natural patrimonies on the planet and that is at great risk. We have a fauna and flora that you can only see here. We are holders of 12% of the earth’s fresh water, with an immense number of waterfalls and places to visit. We must dive into these waters and lengthen our views. We have to revisit the forgotten daily spectacle of sunrise and sunset that occur in all their exuberance and, each time, with fewer spectators.

Discuss who will and will not be on a one-time program reality show it cannot be more important than the show that takes place in our real life. The energy of this mobilization must also be taken to the facts that happen with us and beside us. We must unite with much more strength and intensity to defend our true reality, our natural heritage and our peoples.

We need to be much more aware of the great tragedies such as those that occurred recently in Petrópolis, Mariana and Brumadinho, and much less with the elimination of an unknown participant from a distant house.

After this tragic pandemic in the last two years, we need to reconnect people, hugs and the irreplaceable feeling of looking into the eyes of those who are by our side!

With each passing day, less is known about what happens in our family and more about what happens to ephemeral celebrities. Unusual tattoos gain more prominence than scientific research. The reality of others has disconnected us more and more from our personal reality.

It is time to reconnect to the real home, to the environment in which we live, to our environment, before we completely lose our real world and on which we effectively depend. That yes, is to live our true reality show. It’s being the actor, not the viewer.


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