Geraldo Luís breaks record in ‘Balanço Geral – Saturday Edition’ – Entertainment

O General Balance – Saturday Edition, presented by Geraldo Luís, it broke an audience record and consolidated its second place on April 2.

One of the highlights of the program was a special coverage of the rains that hit Rio de Janeiro, affecting cities like Paraty and Angra dos Reis.

The third program with Geraldo Luís, who debuted in charge of the journalist on March 19, won for the second time the highest audience of 2022, 5.5 points on average. It also recorded a peak of 7 points and a share of 13% in its exhibition range, from 1:03 pm to 3:01 pm.

The third place got an average of 3.2 points, more than two points less than the Record TV.

It was also the best rating since Geraldo’s debut, which grows every week. In his debut (03/19), he had 3.9 points. In comparison with last Saturday, it grew 41%.

And, on 03/26, it obtained an average of 4.3 points. In relation to the first program presented by Geraldo, the increase was 28%.

The program also aired the second edition of Gê Visita. The presenter entered the mansion of Chiquinho Scarpa, located in an upscale area of ​​São Paulo, currently on sale for R$ 63 million. The property has already been appraised for twice the price, R$ 120 million.

Scarpa says he’s leaving the place to live in a smaller place: “I’ve been alone here for 10 years. I already have the house in view, I have already started the renovation”, she explained, showing that several pieces of furniture have already been removed from the property, leaving many rooms empty.

“I hold hands with loneliness”, he commented, when the presenter asked him about how he managed to be without company in that immensity – there are 1,500 m² of built area in an area of ​​4,000 m². “It’s very big, it’s a palace house”, said Geraldo.

About the many loves he has lived, he was emphatic: “Carola was the one I fell in love with the most”, he declared about his ex-wife, with whom he was married for only eight months, and who died in 2011, more than ten years after the separation. , just 40 years old.

Despite living alone in the mansion, Scarpa claimed not to be single. “I more or less have a girl who doesn’t like me saying her name,” he reveals. And he says that the woman is 40 years old – Chiquinho Scapa turned 70. “It’s a small difference,” he said.

Asked about his fear of dying, the playboy showed that he keeps a machine gun and a revolver at home, including on the bedside table, where he revealed the contents of the drawer: “There are condoms to prevent me. And weapon too

Upon entering the closet, Geraldo made a curious revelation. “I can assure you, here on this door there is R$ 50 thousand just for ties”, said the presenter of General Balance – Saturday Edition.

Heir to a large fortune, Scarpa said he was not affected by the pandemic. “The crisis I didn’t have to fire anyone, I didn’t have to close anything. The sugar mills are in full swing, brewery too, metallurgical… There are 63 (companies), all within a holding company. The strongest is my holding company that controls all the subdivisions and farm,” he said.


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