Group interested in Chelsea wants to turn Stamford Bridge into a multifunctional arena

According to the British newspaper daily mail, the American investment group Ricketts, a suitor for Chelsea, is interested in transforming the Stamford Bridge stadium into a modern arena to host other sports and major events. The example to be followed is that of local rivals Tottenham, which transformed its old stadium into one of the largest and most modern arenas in Europe, even hosting NFL matches.

The group took on the idea after an inspection declared the stadium as aged and pointed out the need for a renovation. This isn’t new, though, as Roman Abramovich had already announced a £1.4bn refurbishment in 2018 that would expand the stadium to 60,000 seats, but plans were halted in 2018. same year due to an “unfavorable climate for investments”.

The Americans, who also own the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise, made a similar move upon arriving in the city when they decided to renovate Wrigley Field, the Cubs’ home stadium. Thus, the person responsible for the project at the London club would be the same person who led the renovation in Chicago, the American Eric Nordness, who has already given interviews about the possible renovation to the newspaper. The Athletic.

“We have roughly the same space to work. The current stadium also holds approximately the same amount of people (42,000) and so on. I’ve been working on several ideas with our architecture firm, Populous. I have detailed plans. I’m trying to put the puzzle together, now it’s time to plan.”

said Eric Nordness.

In addition, Nordness said they plan to continue hosting matches in the stadium while the renovation takes place, thus being a construction by sectors.

The Ricketts aren’t the only ones interested in acquiring Chelsea, competitors are: A consortium led by co-owner of the LA Dodgers, MLB franchise, Todd Boehly, another consortium led by former British Airways and Liverpool chairman Sir Martin Broughton and the latest offering is led by Stephen Pagliuca, an American billionaire who also owns the NBA franchise Boston Celtics.

All interested parties have until April 11 to submit their final offers to the Raine Group, the bank that oversees the sale, and are taking advantage of the last few days to inspect the club’s infrastructure.

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