Grupo Ligga focuses B2B on 5G and preservation of the environment in the Amazon

Wendell Oliveira, CEO of Ligga Telecom, bets on the corporate market to offer 5G.Crédito: TV.Síntese

The Ligga group focuses on serving the B2B market with the frequencies it acquired in the 5G auction. According to Wendel Oliveira, CEO of the group, the offer of mobile services to the retail segment will only occur in the city of Londrina, and a few other cities in Paraná. In other locations, mainly in São Paulo and Amazonas, where the company also acquired the 3.5 GHz frequencies, it intends to offer only professional services. “We are going to transform the group into a technology company”, said an executive during INOVAtic Sul, an event promoted by Momento Editorial, which runs until tomorrow. The Ligga group belongs to the Bordeaux fund, which also acquired Sercomtel, from Londrina, and Copel Telecom, which has just changed its name.

In Paraná and São Paulo, Oliveira sees a great opportunity to offer services for agribusiness, smart cities and health. “5G will open new doors. Each week brings news. What we have today is just the tip of the iceberg. 5G will change businesses like 4G has changed our lives. The change in agriculture, in Smart Cities, in Health tech, will be brutal and of great transformation”, he predicts.

With a frequency of 3.5 GHz in the North region, the company expects to offer corporate services to prevent fires and deforestation. “5G applications will help a lot in this region,” he said.


According to the executive, the obligations established by the 5G public notice will require an investment of R$ 1 billion, but he reinforced that the group intends to invest much more. “This is a minimum commitment to be fulfilled. We plan investments that go beyond that”, added Oliveira.

Wendel Oliveira also said that he intends to carry out the first pilots with FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) technology in two cities in Paraná. This technology allows fixed broadband to be offered using the 3.5 GHz mobile frequency of 5G. For this, he awaits future decisions by Gaispi (the group that coordinates the cleaning of the spectrum), which allow the anticipation of the offer of 5G services before the schedule established by the public notice.

FWA as a complement

For Sérgio Tofani, Regional Director Midwest of Huawei, FWA will not replace the FTTH fiber network, but will be a complement, a composition to it. “Often, ISPs have difficulties in deploying in remote areas, in specific areas, or for lack of license to pull the fiber, or infrastructure. In this sense, the FWA will be fundamental when there is the impossibility of passing fiber”, he explained.


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