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The Health of Rio Branco continues with the application of doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 this Tuesday (5). Vaccination takes place from 8 am to 4 pm in the capital health units listed below.

Children are treated exclusively at six family health units from 8 am to 11 am and from 2 pm to 4 pm. Children aged 5 to 11 years must be accompanied by their parents or guardians at the time of immunization. Just like teenagers aged 12 and over.

The health also informed that in all health units, the influenza vaccine will also be available for the elderly of 60 years and health professionals.

  • Vaccine against covid: who can take the 4th dose
  • More than 2,900 people were vaccinated against Covid-19 in a joint effort by Health in Rio Branco

The 1st and 2nd dose are available for people over 12 years of age. The booster dose is given to adults over 18 years of age who have completed 4 months since the last dose and people with low immunity (immunosuppressed).

Anyone who took the first dose of Janssen 2 months ago or more should go to Urap Vila Ivonete and take the booster dose. It is necessary to present the vaccination card proving that you took the 1st dose of Janssen more than 60 days ago.

The Rio Branco Health teams started on the 26th to vaccinate elderly people over 80 years old with the 4th dose against Covid-19. The Ministry of Health announced the recommendation, on March 23, of the application of the 4th dose of the Covid vaccine (the second booster dose) in elderly people over 80 years old.

Booster for people who took their 1st dose of Janssen 2 months or more ago

12 years and over 1st and 2nd dose Pfizer (+2 months) – booster dose (+4 months) and 4th dose

  • Urap Eduardo Assmar
  • Urap Rozangela Pimentel
  • Urap San Francisco
  • Urap Hidalgo de Lima
  • Urap Ary Rodrigues
  • Urap Bacurau
  • Urap Claudia Vitorino
  • Urap Maria Barroso
  • Barral Y Barral Polyclinic

Only 2nd dose AstraZeneca with 60 days or more

  • Urap San Francisco
  • Urap Bacurau
  • Urap Vila Ivonete
  • Barral Y Barral Polyclinic

Children from 5 to 11 years old

  • USB Gentle Perdomo da Rocha – Bairro Esperança
  • USF Dr. Mário Maia – In front of Juventus square
  • USF Maria Áurea Vilela – Cadeia Velha neighborhood
  • USF Vitória – Vitória District, São Francisco Regional
  • USF Raimundo Moreira – Neighborhood João Eduardo II
  • USF Elpídio Moreira Souza – Civil Defense Neighborhood

Second dose of Coronavac

  • Epidemiological Surveillance Building (schedule (68) 2337-3165)

According to information from the government’s transparency portal, Acre has already received 1,015,363 doses of vaccines and 1,316,743 doses were applied to the population until the 21st, the date of the last update. Of the doses, 629,432 people took the first dose, 505,021 the second, 12,530 the single dose and 153,028 booster doses.

According to the government, the number of doses applied on the portal refers to the data already entered in the Ministry of Health system, whose updates are carried out by the municipalities. Therefore, information may be delayed.

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