IOB acquires startup technology with expertise in digital document management

IOB, smart tech that unites content and technology to power companies and accounting offices, announces the acquisition of the intellectual property of Owl Docs. A startup that performs digital transformation from document, process and digital signature management solutions using blockchain technology, in order to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of files and documents.

The new acquisition adds all the technology and employees of Owl Docs and is part of the R$ 200 million investment in new segments and solutions announced by the company at the 19th CONESCAP. The transformation movement already initiated by IOB in recent months, such as the incorporation of ao³ and the acquisitions of Swood and Vendr, aims to add more solutions to the portfolio to empower accounting professionals and deliver an increasingly complete journey.

As a reflection of this new phase, the company gained a specific area to deal with partnerships and future purchases. According to Jorge Santos Carneiro, president of the IOB Group, acquisitions give more speed to meet user needs. “Every day we build and develop solutions internally and we also look for partners. With the purchase of OwlDocs technology, we want to combine our experience with the agility in the development of products for smaller companies, such as startups, to facilitate the routine of our customer at the cutting edge. “, he says.

To accelerate the company’s new business pillar, IOB counts on allies to expand the relationship network and, consequently, the construction of new theses to form strategic alliances and M&A. An example of this is the partnership that the company already had with Go Ventures, a venture builder specialized in developing entrepreneurs and startups, which had Owl Docs in its portfolio and, consequently, was the means for carrying out the operation.

The solutions arising from the acquisition of Owl Docs are in the implementation and integration phase, mainly to the human resources journey for document management and digital signature of IOB, but will also be incorporated into other company brands.

Investment vs Demand

Faced with a heated market, with quality software and service options, the main thrust of IOB’s investments is based on market changes, which demand more autonomous and secure systems. But for the company, the digital accounting transformation process must be anchored in the needs of users, in order to bring solutions and services to evolve, bringing a technology that provides improvements in terms of usability, new functionalities, even new management experiences. and in customer service.

IOB power to transform

IOB is a smart tech that brings together the best of both worlds: knowledge and technology. A universe of possibilities built by more than 1,000 employees, who enhance the daily lives of more than 130,000 micro, small, medium and large companies and accounting offices. Reference in the tax, accounting, tax, labor, social security and legal areas, it stands out for its credibility and tradition combined with technological, humanized and customer-centric solutions. The brand also owns IOB 360, which empowers accountants through end-to-end experiences.

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