Londrina Esporte Clube celebrates 66 years of titles and history

Londrina Esporte ClubeLEC or shark. Founded in 1956, the football club from northern Paraná completes, this Tuesday (5), 66 years filled with titles and stories. Proof of them is the club museum. In the place, there are dozens of trophies, shirts, pennants, souvenirs of historical matches and titles. only from Paraná Championship were five: 1962, 1981, 1992, 2014 and 2021.

Some of the “official” stories the vast majority of fans know by heart. But the team, which is the passion of Londoners, also keeps curiosities, as the origin of the name of the mascot – Tubarão, which appeared in the mid-1970s. At that time, the film, which bears the same name, was successful on the big screen. The call came about because that was also the period when LEC was amending good results and terrorizing opponents.

Another thing that may be new to many is the color of the team’s jersey. Unlike what we are used to, white and blue have already given way to Redsame color as the city flag.


When it comes to Shark’s idol, the answer is unanimous: Carlos Alberto Garcia, also known as “Bem-Amado” and “Beijoca”. The former player was the team’s forward in The 70’s.

“Until then, I played six to seven years at Corinthians. I played three matches just for the pros there. I couldn’t play, I had no self-esteem, no confidence. I said that I was only going to Londrina Esporte Clube so that I could be a professional football player, because, until then, I was only in the basic categories. That’s when I arrived here, in 1976, and everything changed: confidence and self-esteem. I had confidence that I was going to score and I did. The stadium was packed, the crowd really liked me and I liked them too. For me, it became a pleasure and an honor to play for Londrina.”

says the LEC idol, in an interview with RICtv Londrina.

Garcia’s passion and dedication to the club earned him several honors, such as a statue, which he won in May 2021. The 160 kilos of cement fiber reproduce the ex-player’s celebration in the 1978 goal against Corinthians. This move made Tubarão eliminate the São Paulo team from the semifinals of the 1977 Brazilian Championship.

fan passion

It’s not just the titles that Tubarão collects, but also the hearts of the fans. Like that of Abilio João dos Santos. At his house, there is no longer room for so many shirts, caps, cups and all sorts of souvenirs from the team. Of the first ones alone, he has more than 200.

In an interview with RICtv, he jokes that people think he’s crazy: “If someone comes with a little blue and white thing, he buys it”. Abilio’s connection with the team is even more special as the two share an important date: that of winning the Paraná’s second titlein 1981, the same year the fan was born.

“Being able to participate a little bit in the history of Londrina is awesome. We rescue this from here, which is the club’s memory. We don’t let it die.”

celebrates Abilio.

To the team that is the passion of Londoners, the team at RIC More London want others many years of titles, achievements, goals and stories!

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