Ministry of Health hopes to vaccinate 100 million people against flu and measles

posted on 04/05/2022 06:00

(credit: Victor Correia/CB/DA Press)

The federal government launched, on Monday (4/4), the simultaneous vaccination campaign against influenza and measles. The Ministry of Health intends to reach an audience of almost 100 million people, starting on the 30th.

By the ministry’s calculations, flu vaccination is expected to reach approximately 78 million people, while the distribution of measles doses is targeting about 19 million citizens. According to the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, the country has the three fundamental principles for the success of any mass immunization campaign.

“We have vaccines and an unprecedented capacity to apply these vaccines. Another point is the awareness of our population, which seeks immunization rooms because we have already paid a very high price in the past. People died from diseases that were absolutely preventable if campaigns were carried out. of efficient vaccination”, he said.

This is the 24th immunization campaign against influenza and the 8th against measles. But, given the tone given by Queiroga at the launch of the simultaneous campaign, immunization against both diseases will also serve to leverage Jair Bolsonaro’s reelection campaign.

“The president’s government is one of the most invested in public health. The vaccination campaign is a duty of the State and a right of each Brazilian, who can access this public policy freely,” he said.

Queiroga also indicated that he believes that the vaccine coverage of diseases may be higher this year than last year, given the improvement in the scenario of the covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, the country was experiencing increasing numbers of infection by covid and, because of this, there was a fear of abandoning the necessary social isolation, in addition to the fear of incompatibility between vaccines.

“There is a drop in vaccine coverage worldwide. This is not a phenomenon only in Brazil. It is even a paradoxical issue; when a disease is managed more efficiently, the population forgets about it and stops looking for the vaccines that are there. available”, explained Queiroga, justifying the drop in vaccine coverage worldwide.


The minister stressed that the effort to vaccinate Brazilians should not come only from the ministry, but also from states and municipalities. “Brazil has shown its capacity for vaccination. All we need is for us to distribute and apply it”, he emphasized.

On the pressure to suspend the status of a pandemic and declare that the country is currently experiencing an endemic disease – as Bolsonaro intends –, Queiroga noted that “the end of the health emergency of national importance does not mean that the covid is over”.

And he added: “We want (the pandemic) to end, we will work for it. But it is a disease, caused by a virus. It will not end overnight, but the health emergency, yes. actions”, he stressed.

*Intern under the supervision of Fabio Grecchi


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