Sound ArtJN North Festival 2022 Poster Is Complete

Ornatos Violeta, Don Diablo, Robin Schulz, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Waterboys headline the event.

Ornatos Violeta, Linda Martini, Don Diablo, Robin Schulz, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Waterboys and GNR are just some of the names confirmed in the fourth edition of the JN North Festival. Those responsible for organizing the event, in charge of Vibes & Beats, have just announced that the poster for the unprecedented three-day edition of the festival is now complete. The JN North Festival, which takes place between the 26th and 28th of May, at Alfândega do Porto, in the city of Invicta, will feature a day dedicated to rock nationally, followed by a “tribute” to the greatest DJs of today, culminating in a “travel across borders”, with the presence of several international names.

rock national festival welcomes festival-goers on the first day of the event.
The band from Porto Violet ornaments, responsible for the hits “Ouvi Dizer” (1999), “Chaga” (1999) or “Devagar” (2011), is headliner on the first day of the event. The group chose the Alfândega do Porto stage to mark their return and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band’s formation, in a concert that will be “a beautiful party full of friends, with emotions running high”. This first day of the JN North Festival will also count with the presence of Linda Martini. André Henriques, Cláudia Guerreiro and Hélio Morais will, therefore, present the new themes of their latest album “ERRÔR”, released earlier this year, which includes songs such as “Eu Nem Vi”, “Rádio Comercial”, “ Super Fixe” or “Daylight Savings Time”.

the quartet CLUBS will also welcome festival-goers on the event’s kick-off day. The band, which has been in existence for a decade and has five albums in its discography, will echo some of its greatest hits, such as “DEIXA-ME SER” (2011), “Pela Boca” (2016) or “Era Matá- it” (2016). The cult band from Porto, ZEN, joins this celebration, to remember the debut album that marked their path: “The Privilege of Making the Wrong Choice”. Also confirmed for the first day of the festival are Paraguaii – who released, last year, the fifth album of his discography, “Propeller” –, as well as Pedro da Linha, S. Pedro and Riot.

Don Diablo and Robin Schulz make the Invicta city “vibrate”.
directly from mainstage from Tomorrowland to the stage with a privileged view of the Douro River arrives Don Diablo. The Dutch music producer, voted the seventh best DJ in the world by the DJ MAG Top 100, will make the main arteries of Invicta’s heart vibrate with many of her hits, including her latest single, “Gotta Let U Go” (2022). Don Diablo joins Robin Schulz. The DJ and producer, considered the German artist with the most successful career abroad in the last decade, is known worldwide for the songs “Waves” (2014), “Sugar” (2015) or “Prayer in C” (2014).” . This year alone, Robin Schulz has already released four singles – “Talamanca”, “redruM”, “The Motto” and “In Your Arms” – which will be heard on the second day of the JN North Festival.

Also on the 27th of May, the “Northern woman” who destroyed stigmas in the rap music nationality: Capicua. “Gaudi”, “Planetário” or “Passiflora”, are some of the themes of the fifth album of her discography “Madrepérola” (2020), which will be celebrated in the single concert of the “militant rapper”. Festival-goers attending this second day of the festival will also have the opportunity to hear “one of the greatest promises of Portuguese music”, Domingues, responsible for singles “Cinema Romance” (2020), “Fica” (2020) and “Café em Paris” (2019). Also the Portuguese artist T-Rex, who has just released the song “PRA MIM”, and Cassete Pirata, a musical group composed of “five friends united by the Jazz”, are part of the lineup of this day, which will also feature the performances of Throes + The Shine, Mark Vedo, Zanova and Peace Maker!.

From Scotland to Porto: The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Waterboys.
“Damage and Joy” (2022) is the name of the latest album in the discography of The Jesus and Mary Chain. The Scottish rock band, formed in 1984 by brothers Jim Reid and William Reid, headlines the last day of the JN North Festival, promises to take festival-goers on an unforgettable “journey” for their timeless hits such as “Just Like Honey” (1985). ) or “April Skies” (1987). Also from Scotland come the The Waterboys. The group known for their unique blend of Celtic, gospel and country music will recall some of their biggest hits such as “A Girl Called Johnny” (1983), “The Whole of the Moon” (1985), “Fisherman’s Blues” (1988) or “How Long Will I Love You” (1990).

The third day of the festival, 28th of May, will also feature a very special celebration of the band that marked the history of Portuguese rock: Grupo Novo Rock, better known as GNR. The band composed by Rui Reininho, Tóli César Machado and Jorge Romão will mark 40 years of career on stage at the JN North Festival, with some of their greatest classics. This performance will be preceded by the Cuca Monga set, a musical group that brings together artists such as Capitão Fausto, Ganso, Luís Severo, Rapaz Ego, Zarco. The poster for this last day is also marked by the presence of Keep Razors Sharp, the Portuguese alternative rock quartet that released, at the end of last year, the single “Shine a Light”. To close the lineup for this unique three-day edition, festival-goers will have the opportunity to see and hear Moullinex & Xinobi and DJ Vibe.

In addition to the main stage programming, Vibes & Beats will unveil, very soon, the parallel activities that make up the festival.

Tickets for the JN North Festival, which takes place between the 26th and 28th of May, at Alfândega do Porto, are available at the usual places and on the event’s website. The daily ticket costs 50 euros and the general pass costs 90 euros.

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