Sound ArtKatana Bass Amps: The Complete New Boss Bass Combos

Miguel Grazina Barros

Inspired by Katana guitar amps, Boss’ new bass combos promise an impressive set of features.

Boss’ Katana amp range has become a standard in the world of portable guitar amps. Now bass players can enjoy them too, with a couple of Katana bass combos: the Bass Katana-110 it’s the Bass Katana-210.

Both amps include a feature set similar to their 6-string siblings, with 3 pre-amp voices, comprehensive tone modeling, a range of Boss FX models, digital connectivity and more.

O Boss Katana-110 offers a power of 60 watts, a 10-inch woofer and a tweeter. In turn, the Katana-210 it is more geared towards the stage, with a power of 160 watts, 2 10″ woofers and a tweeter, which can be deactivated if necessary.

In terms of control, both Katanas offer the same “signal path”. The chain starts with a pair of input effects – which offer compression and drive – both with 6 selectable modes and a level control, allowing you to route to the chain or be bypassed completely.

The signal then passes through the “channel section”, which offers Vintage, Flat or Modern voices, as well as gain and volume controls, and includes a “pad switch” and “shape” control that lets you adjust to the type of bass you want. you are using. Then there’s a blend control, which routes the “Dry” sound back into the mix, ideal if you want to use the drive while still maintaining the original clarity and transparency. Four-band EQ delivers constant bass and treble, with a pair of mid-frequency controls for customizing the sound.

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