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In the food industry, logistics can be the difference between success and failure in the activity. Therefore, large companies and cooperatives are using solutions in systems and equipment for managing logistics, risk, tracking, telemetry and traceability of products and processes. The objective is cost reductions, productivity improvement with management and control of processes throughout the logistics chain.

In the dairy sector, this logistics needs to be further refined, as milk is a highly perishable product. Today, monitoring systems control all the characteristics of the load, but also of trucks and other machines and the drivers themselves. “With this system I can capture all the milk collection, plan the route, with the best path, less time and better cost”, summarizes Ravex operations manager, Tailan Machado.

“I can measure travel time, temperature at which the product is being transported, even in rural areas, where we have dark areas of cell signal, as we use satellite technology, with an online signal every three minutes”, adds the professional, who demonstrated its solutions in logistics for agriculture during the Show Rural Coopavel, which takes place in February, in Cascavel, Paraná.

With the online control of milk collection, the company claims to deliver increased productivity in the ratio of kilometers traveled to liters collected. Routing vehicles by pre-defined regions or routes optimizes vehicles and ensures more efficient routes.

He points out that the system has integration with other software. “The system dialogues with other operational software that the industry can use, eliminating the manual input of data and providing even more accuracy and speed for the process”.

According to Tailan, all information about the logistical operation is stored in the cloud. Thus, the customer is not burdened with the high costs of physical servers and still has easy access to data, obtaining information at any time and place.

With reports in hand, the dairy industry can make improvements, he suggests. “With the management reports and performance graphs available in the solution, it is possible to analyze and measure the results of the logistics operation”, he points out.

For other situations

Solutions can be used beyond the dairy chain, such as on planters to see if it is working properly, or trucks to see if drivers are safe or are showing expressions of sleep or tiredness. “Our main objective is to provide data. Let’s imagine a planter. I can place a telemetry that generates information, such as the machine’s working time, the machine’s engine temperature, knowing the working day of the operator who is driving the machine, what time he arrived and what time he stopped for a meal, what time he returned home, know the engine speed, among other situations. Through these system settings, I can generate not only data, but also extract alerts to make possible corrections”, he points out, expanding: “I mean, if I have a telemetry level that I think is ideal for the machine to work and that this level extrapolated, the system generates an alert for the control tower, the central or the farmer. It manages to issue an alert to the people who are managing that process (logistics). On top of that, he manages to act”, he highlights.

Also according to Tailan, there is the so-called embedded intelligence, where “you configure the pattern that that machine should work and if it deviates from that pattern, the telemetry adjusts to within normality”.

Video monitoring of machines and their surroundings is also a tool that has been used in logistics. The sleepiness monitoring and fatigue detector monitors the driver’s alertness by analyzing the PERCLOS (Percent Eyelid Closure). The camera sounds an alert whenever a dangerous pattern is detected, thus arousing the driver’s attention and preventing potential accidents.

According to the company, through advanced sensors and algorithms, the system monitors the drivers’ operation in real time, monitoring their eyes, mouth, facial expressions and their actions, allowing to identify the first signs of fatigue and also of distraction in the operation. . When these events are identified, the driver immediately receives an audible alert to alert him and thus avoid a possible accident.

In addition, the sensors allow you to identify unexpected vehicle behaviors such as changing lanes without signaling, approaching a vehicle ahead, loss of steering control and sudden acceleration and braking. All these events are recorded and sent in real time to a personalized platform, and can be viewed remotely with all their related data, such as an image record of the risk situation, location and time of occurrence.

business partnership

The company entered into a business partnership with the cooperative Coopavel, from Paraná. “We started the partnership with Coopavel in June last year, divided into several sectors. There is the friaves sector, which is the finished product. In this sector, we provide all traceability, from when the order is placed to delivery to the final customer, through billing, routing, delivery monitoring, temperature traceability, as it is a refrigerated product, among other situations”, he points out.

In terms of soybean oil, Tailan Machado points out, the logistics solution includes control of all truck telemetry and the drivers’ working hours.

There are also systems that help to provide more transparency in the field. “It also has a partnership in feed. Traceability is carried out, for example, to find out if the truck is unloading feed into the correct silos”, he says, among other situations.

For the professional, agro already uses a lot of technology, but there are many new solutions that can contribute to further improve the results of the sector. “Agribusiness is one of the sources of income in Brazil, it is a very rich sector of our country, but it is militated in some technologies. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge technology so that everyone involved in logistics or agribusiness can do it at the lowest cost, in the shortest time, in a safer and more efficient way”, highlights the operations manager.

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