TV Brasil premieres new programming from this Monday

Unprecedented attractions, new seasons and new schedules of already established productions are highlighted in the programming that TV Brazil opens this Monday (4). Always focusing on quality and credibility, the public broadcaster offers even more information and entertainment to the public with the new schedule.

the president of Brazil Communication Company (EBC)Glen Valente, emphasizes that the new programming brings news designed to retain the public that already attends the TV Brazil and to attract new audiences. “The journalistic content will increase, with editions on Saturdays of the reporters locations and Reporter Brazil Night. Let’s premiere the realities Mata Viva and Art in Photography and showing new editions on the afternoon documentary strip”.

Among the channel’s premieres is the series Mata Viva – Science and Adventure in the Atlantic Forest, which wins the small screens on Saturdays at 12:15 pm. The eight-episode documentary series follows the work of researchers who venture in search of scientific discoveries in the largest private reserve of Atlantic forest in Brazil, known as “Legado das Águas”. Located less than two hours from the city of São Paulo, the reserve covers an area of ​​over 31,000 hectares.

Documentary series about samba in the North of the country, Amazon Samba, is also on the list of news of the new programming. Airing on Saturdays at 10:45 pm, the series directed by sambista from Pará Arthur Espíndola travels to several municipalities, villages and communities in the interior of Pará to interview composers who have never had the opportunity to record or even register their works. After the interviews, the production selected 24 sambas that were arranged and performed by renowned Brazilian music artists, such as Dudu Nobre, Fundo de Quintal, Leci Brandão, Leila Pinheiro, Simoninha, Pedro Luis, Moacyr Luz, João Cavalcanti, Fabiana Cozza, Toninho Geraes, Ana Costa, Pinduca, Lia Sophia, Cleide Moraes, Bilão, Arthur Espíndola, among others.

reality shows

On Sundays, at 7:30 pm, the Art in Photography, the first Brazilian reality show about photography. To attract a growing universe of people interested in photography, the program gives practical tips and exquisite lessons by challenging six young amateur photographers to create their own work. Over eight episodes presented by Thalma de Freitas, participants compete in competitions of different styles and themes, including photojournalism, fashion, dance and sport.

in session Retro Cine on Sunday, at 4 pm, the public will be able to enjoy the first films from the collection again the clumsywhich return to the programming of the TV Brazil. Formed by Renato Aragão (Didi), Dedé Santana, Mussum and Zacarias, the group of comedians marked generations with their way of making humor. The titles acquired by the channel have different themes and range from parodies of classic films to humorous versions of well-known stories. In total, 15 feature films produced between 1967 and 1990 are shown again on the public broadcaster.

unheard of in TV Brazilthe program Visit Paraná enters the channel grid at 6 am on Monday. Produced by public broadcaster TV Paraná Turismothe production presents and explores localities in Paraná with beautiful landscapes, tourist attractions, tips for tours, gastronomy and many curiosities.

Also in the new schedule, starting next Monday, the session TV Brazil Docs occupies the time of 22:00, right after the No Censorshipto show documentaries.

The Director of Content and Programming, Denilson Morales, says that the new TV Brazil increases the offer of quality productions in open signal, in applications and social networks, on demand and in real time, all aligned with the mission of EBC. “These are own products, co-productions, licensing and partnerships that will arrive, as of April 4, at Brazilian homes for free and with information, entertainment, education, health, culture”.

TV Brazil Animated

TV Brasil Animada has news that have been on the air since the end of March – TV Brazil Animated

New days and times

They gain space, live, on the new Saturday schedule of the public broadcaster o Reporter Brazil Night and local TV news from Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

With the coverage of the main events of the day in the country and in the world, the Reporter Brazil Night will be shown at 19:00, lasting half an hour. On the other hand, local news will have 15 minutes and will air at noon, disclosing traffic tips, weather forecasts, live flashes and service provision.

On Sundays, the award-winning journalistic attraction Reporting Paths starts airing at 10pm, followed by the talk show Brazil on the agendaalso with a new time, at 10:30 pm.

News is out now

Among the novelties of the programming that have been on the air since the end of March, the children’s animated series Charlie the Stuff Interviewer debuted on TV Brazil Animated, strip with several attractions for children. With 26 11-minute episodes and dedicated to preschoolers, the production runs from Monday to Friday at 9:05 am.

It is also on display at TV Brazil on Sundays at noon, the ninth season of Samba in Gamboa – attraction in which Diogo Nogueira sings with great performers from the new and old generations of Brazilian samba musicians and MPB icons. For more than ten years on the small screen, the program now features editions that mix musical excerpts from episodes shown in other seasons.

Live and on demand

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Premiere of the new program TV Brazil – from Monday, 04/04

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