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For the first time in its history, the theater group O Dromedário Loquaz, which completes 41 years of activities in August 2022, will share with up to 20 spectators the process of artistic creation of a show, explaining particularities until then restricted to rehearsal rooms.

Usually the public has contact with the theatrical work after the premiere and is unaware of its creation process. Artistic experimentation: Under his gaze the artist’s heart flutters and art happensis an invitation for the audience to have contact with the various activities that add up to the creation of a theatrical scene, following in real time the particularities that make up the artistic work and precede the premiere of a show.

Just by its presence, the audience will already place technicians and artists in a different position than what is commonly observed in artistic creation developed in the intimacy of the rehearsal room. Under the gaze of the spectator, each actor will lay bare his emotions, revealing insecurities, vanities and persistence, putting his concentration to the test.

The artistic experimentation will make use of theatrical improvisation techniques, body and vocal exercises, music, dance, text interpretation and dramatic reading to create scenes, sharing with the audience different techniques used by the group to create characters and theatrical scenes.

The event will be attended by an audience of up to 20 people, and at the end of each meeting, spectators will be invited to participate in the analysis of the developed process, being able to explain their impressions about the developed scenes. At the last meeting, up to 10 spectators will be selected to participate in an ensemble scene and will receive guidance from the actors.

On the last day of the artistic experimentation, Dromedário Loquaz will perform a dramatic reading of the text A Mulher do General e a Outra with the inclusion of scenes created during the process and enriched by the use of lighting resources and a soundtrack.

The event is the result of a project selected by the Edital Aldir Blanc 2021 – executed with resources from the Federal Government and the Aldir Blanc Cultural Emergency Law, through the Santa Catarina Culture Foundation.


Holding of 3 public meetings for artistic experimentation with the cast and technical team of Grupo de Teatro O Dromedário Loquaz, in the development of creation of scenes for the show A Mulher do General e a Outra. Dramaturgy by Sulanger Bavaresco, based on the homonymous literary work by Iur Gomez.



Diana Adada Padilha

Dea Busato

Cezar Pizetta

Giovana Coppola

Rafael Reus

Sandro Maquel

Baby Borges

Julia Bavaresco

Luiza Fae Mantovani

Vinicius Pasinato Damian

Iur Gomez: Author

Sulanger Bavaresco: Dramaturgy and Stage Direction

Eugênio Menegaz: Musical Direction and Pianist

Luiza Faé Mantovani: Vocal Trainer and Musical

Geovana de Oliveira: Choreographer

Diana Adada Padilha: Assistant Director

Marco Ribeiro: Illuminator

Magda Scors: Technical Assistant

Mariana Barardi: Visual Identity

Lene Venerio: Producer

Directed by: Theater Group O Dromedário Loquaz

Website: http://odromedarioloquaz.wix.com/grupo-de-teatro

Project selected by Aldir Blanc 2021 Public Notice – executed with funds from the Federal Government and the Aldir Blanc Cultural Emergency Law, through the Santa Catarina Culture Foundation.

Support: UBRO Theater – Franklin Cascaes Foundation – SECULT



Event: Under his gaze, the artist’s heart flutters and art happens

April 08, 09 and 10, 2022

From 2 pm to 8:30 pm

Location: Teatro da UBRO (Rua Pedro Soares, 15 – Centro, Flor

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