Vitão: ‘Paulo Sousa was wrong from beginning to end. Flamengo won’t go with him’ – 04/04/2022

The loss of the Carioca title to Fluminense, who celebrated winning the state title with a 1-1 draw on Saturday (2), increased the pressure on Paulo Sousa. The coach has his work questioned in front of Flamengo. Behind the scenes, the atmosphere also heated up: a group of advisers wrote a letter to President Rodolfo Landim demanding changes and professionalism.

At Live from Danilo and Vitãotransmitted by UOL Esporte every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 pm, journalists Danilo Lavieri and Vitor Guedes talked about Paulo Sousa’s work in front of Flamengo. For the commentators, the coach

“Paulo Sousa made a bizarre mistake, which is very common nowadays and a lot of people in the press applaud. ‘Oh, he likes to work like that.’ Flamengo’s team is this one and he has to make the best scheme for this squad. That wasn’t done. He put Marinho on the left-back, Gabigol on the right-wing… He changed absolutely everyone’s position . Paulo Sousa was wrong from beginning to end”, analyzed Vitão.

For the journalist, the Portuguese coach lost the squad when he wanted to impose stricter disciplinary rules and try to promote many changes in a short space of time. “There is the utopian world and life as it is. In the world as it is, the player is sensitive. If the coach doesn’t win the group, he can’t do anything. Paulo Sousa made public statements saying he was hungry and made a primer. It works like that. If a football player doesn’t run, there’s no idea that it will work”, he commented.

Vitão cited Atlético-MG, which maintained the strength shown last season even with a change in the technical command and with only punctual adjustments in the team. “It’s obvious that when he loses, the backstage appears. He arrived wanting to change things. What did Atlético-MG do? [Antonio Mohamed] He took Cuca’s team that was winning and kept it. Then he wins and trades one, two. He doesn’t arrive with both feet in the door saying ‘I’m Paulo Sousa’. At Flamengo, he is much smaller than Gabigol and everyone who won there,” he said.

The superiority of Fluminense in the decision of Carioca caught the attention of Vitão, who made clear the future of Flamengo with Paulo Sousa in charge. “What surprised me was that Fluminense played much better than Flamengo. In the first half, there were moments of silly. Olé really. Fluminense didn’t stay behind playing for a ball. He put Flamengo in the circle and with a performance Paulo Henrique Ganso, who I hadn’t seen since 2010, 2011. It was clear to me that, with Paulo Sousa, Flamengo will not go”, he added.

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