Watch More | Platform allows you to search for titles in streaming in exchange for points

Finding out which stream your favorite movie, series, documentary or reality show is available on is now much easier. Brazil has just won a new platform for this purpose called Watch Mais, created for users to look less and have more fun.

Developed by the Paraná-based company Use Mais, the newest Brazilian entertainment guide also has incentives for users, who will be able to accumulate points to exchange for gift cards through interaction with advertisements. The more clicks, the more points.

At Watch Mais you can find what to watch and you can win gift cards (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

In Watch Mais, just type the name of the movie or series you want to watch in the search bar to find out which streaming this title is available on. It is also possible to do a more refined search using filters, selecting the platforms you subscribe to or even the genre of the production.

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Keywords will be searched on streaming platforms Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Star+, Apple TV+, Globoplay, among many others. Watch Mais will then show you which service to watch the title you are looking for, provide some information about it, an image gallery and suggestions for similar attractions.

Use More Points Program

Watch Mais also offers the Use Mais Pontos Program, which aims to give gifts to users who interact with the platform’s ads. Just click on the links and watch the videos to start accumulating points, which will be exchanged for gift cards from services such as Uber, iFood, Spotify, among others. You can redeem your gifts from 500 accumulated points.

To accumulate points, simply click on the ads and watch the videos (Image: Disclosure/Watch More)

Mariane Weigert, Product and Marketing Superintendent at Use Mais, says that redeeming points is simple, without bureaucracy and can be done quickly and in shorter periods of time. Once in your account, it’s very easy to check your points balance and see redemption options.

“It is an advantage for those who use it and for advertisers, who will be able to expose their brands to thousands of people, in personalized spaces of videos or banners, to reach their user base, according to their communication strategy, monetizing in points the views”, completes the executive.

You can now sign up for Watch Mais to start searching for movies and series and accumulate points.

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