Who is the new Louro José from ‘Mais Você’?

Parrot appeared for the first time in the morning attraction this Tuesday, 5th, and left Ana Maria thrilled

Reproduction / GlobeLouro José’s son appeared on ‘Mais Você’ and left Ana Maria Braga shaken

The appearance of the “son” of Louro José at the “More you” this Monday, 5, left the public curious to discover the identity of the interpreter of the new parrot. The original character, which was created by Ana Maria Braga herself when she was still on Record TV, was played for more than two decades by Tom Veiga, who died in November 2020 after suffering a stroke. The successful partnership was consolidated at Globo and the loss of the partner shook the presenter, who considered Tom and, consequently, Louro José, a son. In December of last year, columnist Cristina Padiglione, from the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, disclosed that Ana Maria was recording pilot programs with possible replacements for Tom and that the artist’s new partner would soon appear on the morning attraction. It was also disclosed at the time that Ana Maria liked the idea of ​​the new puppet being Louro José’s “son”, as she saw it as a tribute to Tom’s work.

The first appearance of the new parrot happened this morning, but the Globe kept the mystery and did not disclose any information about who is in charge of Ana Maria’s “grandson”. The presenter was thrilled when she saw the new parrot, which appeared at the reception of the station trying to get in to talk to her “grandmother”. At the end of “Mais Você”, Ana Maria talked live about this news with Fátima Bernardes at the “Meeting” and hinted that he still doesn’t know what to expect from this new partnership. “I’m not one to hide emotions. Tom, for me, after 25 years of living together, is my own son. And now it’s been a year and a half since he’s been gone and we miss his grace, anyway… he’s irreplaceable. And now he has this parrot. When he arrived, I thought he was going to put up with me. In fact, it’s a continuation of my friend Tom’s extraordinary talent. We will continue in this search, to understand if he is Louro’s son or not, but my heart fell off its pedestal ”, said the presenter. The expectation is that the new parrot will appear again tomorrow, Wednesday, 6th, in “Mais Você”.

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