Abel Santana launches new season of “Generation Z”, webseries recorded during the pandemic


Capixaba production has intense plots, but also brings light and fun scenes

04/05/2022 18:13:10

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The first chapter of the webseries will be available this Tuesday, 5

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This Tuesday (5th), on YouTube, the second season of “Geração Z”, webseries by Abel Santana. In 10 chapters, production recorded in Vitória and Serra will feature 40 actors and important themes in the plot, such as abusive relationships and emotional upheavals.

Two episodes will be released each week (Tuesdays and Thursdays), always at 8 pm, with intense plots. But light and fun scenes also promise to attract attention.

“We managed to bring together themes and situations to please those who like good plots and endings. Regarding the dissemination strategy, the idea is to generate a climate of expectation in those who did not have the opportunity to be present at the premiere, which took place on March 10, at Cine Jardins”, says Abel Santana, who signs the production. of the webseries and shares the direction with her daughter Lara Santana.

Recordings surrounded by care

Due to the pandemic – which is also covered in the webseries – the recordings required extra care, such as the use of acrylic masks, to show the cast’s facial expressions, checking the actors’ temperature, cleaning with 70% alcohol, among others.

“In the scenes recorded without masks, care was even greater and, fortunately, during the five months of recording, we did not have any infected artist”, he celebrates.

But the pandemic was not the only setback faced during the recordings. As some locations were malls and even outdoors on the streets, the team had some common difficulties when recording in a working city, such as noise, wind, sun, rain, among other factors.

“We also experience normal situations on a set, such as the nervousness of an actor, lack of concentration and even forgetfulness of texts, but everything was worked around and can be seen throughout the chapters”, says Abel Santana.


What: Launch of the second season of the web series “Geração Z”, by Abel Santana

When: The first chapter will be available this Tuesday, April 5th. The others will be announced every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 pm.

Where to watch: On YouTube from Abel Santana Actors Workshop (https://www.youtube.com/c/OficinadeAtoresAbelSantana)

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