Because art also helps, Diogo Navarro honors Ukrainian mothers with solidarity painting

Given the current European situation, it is imperative to care, protect and help. Aware that the mother – as a place of infinite love and a figure that generates life – is in danger, Diogo Navarro created a work in her honor. “[Ela] It represents the fruit, life, renewal, hope, love and identity of a people. She is the creator of the pure, she is the caretaker, the brave one”, says the Portuguese artist in an interview with SAPO Lifestyle about her bravery, which also extends to so many other female figures, such as her daughters or sisters, who are also in Suffering. “They were forced to leave their country and their home without taking anything with them, only the weight of a war on their backs. Behind they left fathers, sons and husbands fighting a war. They deserve this tribute and above all they deserve that this time we take care of them.”

The award-winning artist born in Mozambique, whose work is spread in different parts of the world and who has already been the subject of numerous exhibitions, gives citizens the responsibility to fight and protect the legacy of this very important figure and that art can be a vehicle for achieve that end. “Also through art it is possible to heal and give courage [às pessoas] and exorcise your fears”, also praising its role as a vector of hope and freedom, which is the main message of this painting of its authorship which contains the phrase ‘art is hope’. “Art is culture, both in music and in gastronomy, architecture, painting. When art is protected, the future is protected. Because without culture there is no identity,” he explains.

Diogo Navarro

credits: Diogo Navarro

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credits: Diogo Navarro

Despite having no political connotation, for Diogo Navarro it was impossible to remain indifferent to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In this way he tried to make his contribution in the best way he knows how: to create. Since throughout his professional career he has always been linked to social and educational projects, the next step was to put his work at the service of a humanitarian cause, as, as he says, “in the end, a small drop can make a difference .”

For this purpose, 200 serigraphs were produced, which will be put up for sale on April 11th, the proceeds of which will revert in full to UNICEF and the Portuguese Red Cross. With a unit value of 100 euros, these can be purchased at the Welcome to art Lisbon art gallery, located at the Embassy of Príncipe Real.

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