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Business and event tourism is expected to grow 26% this year alone worldwide. The segment is marked by corporate meetings, professional congresses, fairs and exhibitions, for example. A Brazilian city that has been feeling the reflexes of this growth is Primavera do Leste (located 230 km from Cuiabá).

The hotel sector is one of the sectors that most observe this trend. During the month of March, finding a hotel in the city with available rooms was a difficult task “All the rooms in our hotel during the entire month of March were occupied. We had to let go of customers, unfortunately, due to overcrowding” points out hotel owner Kleber Lazzario. The effect is the result of sporting events and agribusiness promoted in the city.

Reproduction — Photo: Assessoria

The trade and service sectors also enjoy this slice. Bars, restaurants, cafeterias, stores, supermarkets and the service sector are positively impacted by these events and trade fairs that make money spin, trigger a growing consumer market and, consequently, the opening of more job vacancies and entrepreneurial activities.

According to market estimates, Primavera do Leste is expected to grow above 10% in 2022.”We are building laws to protect and protect the beauties of our municipality, while keeping an eye on business tourism and events in our city, which have a significant weight in the municipality’s economy.” says Thiago Sachuck Tourism and Leisure Coordinator.

Ademir Goes, deputy mayor of the city, believes that the business arising from Agro will still move several economic sectors in the municipality “I had no doubts that the FARM SHOW would bring incredible results for the economy of our municipality, but it is interesting to emphasize the importance of investing in business tourism and supporting actions that invite people to come to Primavera do Leste and invest in local commerce”, says Ademir.

Reproduction — Photo: Assessoria

For the Secretary of Culture, Tourism, Leisure and Youth, Wanderson Lana, understanding the characteristics of the municipality in the most diverse aspects of Tourism is an important factor for its exploitation to impact the economy, in the creation of a consumer market and in the increase of job vacancies and / or the desire to undertake. “Primaverense is passionate about its city and very hardworking, so it is demanding with actions that impact its quality of life, in this way we seek to support and carry out actions and events that contribute to the development of the local economy. We were promoting a meeting of Culture managers from our state, but we had to cancel due to lack of vacancies in hotels, business tourism and events started 2022 even stronger”.

A dynamic management attentive to the most diverse forms that Tourism presents itself is fundamental for situations such as the one that Primavera do Leste is experiencing. “The city and its industrialization, the strength of agribusiness, a policy of sport and vibrant cultural and leisure activities impact the economy and the quality of life of citizens. We are preparing our city not only for the following years, we are preparing the city for the next 15 years”, highlights municipal mayor Leonardo Bortolin (MDB).

It is worth noting that Primavera do Leste organizes itself for even more actions, whether public, private or partnerships. In May the city celebrates its 36 years of political-administrative emancipation and the effervescence should continue.

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