EDP ​​workers protest in front of the headquarters for salary increases

The concentration in front of the company’s headquarters aimed to demand from EDP’s management the valuation of salaries and to protest against the administration’s proposal of a 0.8% salary increase, considered an “affront” by the coordinator of the Inter-union Federation of Metallurgical Industries, Chemicals, Electrical, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp, Paper, Graphics, Press, Energy and Mines (Fiequimetal), Rogério Silva.

“We consider 0.8% an affront, taking into account that the profits were 850 million euros”, said the unionist, during the workers’ demonstration, explaining that the company was preparing today to distribute 700 million euros in dividends to shareholders, at the general meeting.

On EDP’s Board of Directors, last year, five people earned 10 million euros, he said, adding that “the former director of EDP António Mexia will earn two million euros, while the workers have on the table a value that It’s absolutely miserable.”

Rogério Silva explained that “this proposal to increase the unions represents 7.5 million euros”, to cover just over 5,000 workers, translating into about 90 euros of increase.

“But at the last meeting [com a administração da EDP] we made a lower proposal, of 70 euros”, informed Rogério Silva, questioning: “If EDP is not able to satisfy this interest of the workers, this need to face the increase in the cost of living, to serve as an example for all companies in the industry, professional development and careers, so who will be in a position to do so?”.

The unionist also said that EDP’s Board of Directors “has offensive salaries” and recalled that it was the majority of workers who contributed to the creation of wealth in the company, but “they are treated in this despicable way”.

The federation representative also explained that EDP’s rejection of the wage increase claim proposed by the unions has been explained, first, with the covid-19 pandemic and, now, with the war in Ukraine, and recalled that the company has already announced that will increase by 3% on the bill and that, therefore, the unions have asked for government intervention, as they consider the salaries of the Board of Directors to be “immoral” compared to those of the company’s workers.

“We have a meeting this afternoon, hopefully not the last, to reiterate our proposal of 70 euros for a salary increase and we are available to reach an agreement”, he concluded.

Regarding today’s strike, the federation says it has “quite expressive” support, but noting that it is not possible to advance with percentages in a company the size of EDP, and stressing that a “significant part” of young EDP workers joined the protest. .

“The strike is always the last form of struggle, but it was the EDP administration that pushed us into this scenario and left us no alternative”, he justified.



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