Even with reinforcements, Santos loses to Banfield in the South American

Santos debuted with a 1-0 defeat to Banfield-ARG in the Copa Sudamericana. The alvinegro team was dominated by the rival in the stadium Florencio Sola and left behind in the dispute of Group C, which classifies only the first to the round of 16. The setback happened in the debut of the trio Maicon, William Maranhao and Rodrigo Fernández.

The goal of the Argentines came in the 43rd minute of the first half. Urzi took advantage of the failure of the Santos defense and scored a great goal, in a long and first shot. Santos, once again, had a very bad performance and, without being able to create in the midfield to bring danger to the opponent, did not threaten any reaction in the duel.

Universidad Catolica-EQU and La Calera-CHI drew goalless. Santos, thus, is the flashlight of the key. In the second round, Peixe will face the Chilean team. The match will be on Wednesday (13), at 19:15, in Vila Belmiro. Before that, Alvinegro makes its debut in the Brasileirão against Fluminense, away from home, on Saturday (9), at 16:30.

game chronology

Santos practically did not attack in the first half. The team managed to exchange few passes in the attacking field and was dominated by the opponent, who also did little. In the 43rd minute of the first half, Urzi scored a great goal to open the scoring for the home team, taking advantage of the error in Peixe’s ball out.

In the second half, Peixe improved a little, but not enough to put pressure on and seek equality. Domingo was still sent off with the second yellow card at 41.

Who did well: Rodrigo Fernández

The Uruguayan midfielder showed in his debut that he can be useful to Alvinegro. Participative, the player appeared well in the marking, helped in the few passes that the club exchanged and also presented himself as an option further ahead.

Who was wrong: Maicon and Marcos Guilherme give space on the right

The right sector of the Santos defense suffered with Banfield, who attacked preferentially there. Striker of origin, Marcos Guilherme did not provide the necessary support as a winger in the sector. He left at 15 of the second half. Maicon, on the other hand, showed a lot of will, but he was rushed in some moves and ended up harming Peixe.

Reinforcements don’t change Santos’ face

Alvinegro Praiano featured the debuts of defender Maicon and midfielders Willian Maranhão and Rodrigo Fernández against Banfield. However, the old problems returned to haunt Santos fans.

The team continued to suffer in the aerial ball plays. The midfield continued without creating power and did not provide the attackers. Without being able to exchange passes and evolve on the field, Santos did little in Argentina.

Santos performance: 3 defenders cause problems again

In 2021, Carille bet on three defenders and managed to save Santos from relegation in the Brazilian. However, the scheme never fell in favor with the fans and had been abandoned in 2022.

After 16 days off to train, Bustos returned to opt for a formation with Bauermann, Kaiky and debutant Maicon in defence. The chemistry between the trio is still not the best and Maicon showed a lot of haste in his first game for Peixe. To make matters worse, Marcos Guilherme had a very bad performance as a right-back, sinning too much in the marking and helping almost nothing in the attack.

At 15, Bustos removed Bauermann and Marcos Guilherme to place Madson and forward Rwan. Santos’ new tactical formation followed a change in posture on the field and the team improved, even if little, in the final 20 minutes.

VAR that does not interfere

Conmebol announced to the press that Juan Cardellino would be the VAR for this match. However, in the first round of the Sudamericana, there is no video referee. The function of this VAR is only to observe the match and make a report of what happened with the referee.

Santos calls for a penalty

After 20 minutes of little movement, Santos asked for a penalty. Goulart headed in a corner hit by Marcos Guilherme and the ball hit his arm, close to Galoppo’s shoulder. Despite the complaint, the judge ignored the requests for the penalty.

John Paul performs (another) miracle

The Santos goalkeeper again made a great save tonight (5). After the launch, Perales turned his head to Cruz, who counted on Maicon’s failure to land a beautiful first-time shot. The Santos defender stretched out and managed to deflect the ball to a corner.

Defense fails, and Urzi scores a great goal

In the 43rd minute of the first half, Bauermann missed the ball and lost possession. The Argentines’ move came to nothing and João Paulo was getting ready to make a defense when Maicon got ahead of the game and swerved to the side. Urzi took the leftovers and hit first, covering João Paulo and scoring a great goal for the home team.

Second half starts the same as first half ended

The return of the interval little changed the spirit of Santos, who followed cornered by the rival. As Banfield did not present great resources, the confrontation became monotonous again.

Middle to end improvement

After breaking up the formation with three defenders, in the 15th minute, Peixe started to show more impetus. Alvinegro was growing and had its first good chance at 44, when Ricardo Goulart touched Rwan’s chest, who hit hard and forced the goalkeeper to palm the ball. At 48, in a new good offensive plot, Zanocelo concluded in the hands of the goalkeeper.


05/04/2022, Tuesday
Time: 19:15 (from Brasilia)
Place: Florencio Sola Stadium, Banfield (ARG)
Referee: Derlis Lopez (PAR)
Auxiliaries: Milciades Saldivar and Eduardo Cardozo
Goal: Urzi, at 43′ of the first half, for Banfield.
Yellow cards: Domingo, Abecasis, Lollo (BAN); Willian Maranhão, Lucas Barbosa, Felipe Jonatan, Zanocelo, Velázquez (SAN)
Red card: Sunday (BAN)

BANFIELD-ARG: Bologna; .Abecasis (Colonel), Maciel, Lollo and Escobar; Galoppo, Domingo and Romero (López); Urzi (Palacios), Cruz (Dátolo) and Perales (Álvarez). Technician: Diego Dabove

SAINTS: John Paul; Maicon, Bauermann (Madson), Kaiky (Velazquez); Marcos Guilherme (Rwan), Willian Maranhão (Zanocelo), Rodrigo Fernández (Pirani), Ricardo Goulart and Felipe Jonatan; Lucas Barbosa and Lucas Braga. Technician: Fabian Bustos.

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