Fluminense starts South American and Cristiano seeks progress in adaptation

Fluminense debuts in the Copa Sudamericana tonight (6th), against Oriente Petrolero, from Bolivia. The game, at 19:15, will be at Maracanã, the stage where Tricolor won the Campeonato Carioca 2022, a title that left-back Cris Silva considered important in the process of readaptation to Brazilian football.

The player was one of the reinforcements that Tricolor announced at the beginning of the year, in voluminous movement in the ball market. Name, at the time, still unknown to the general public, arrived in Laranjeiras after more than four seasons at Sheriff, from Moldavia.

Born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, he had stints in clubs with lower investment before leaving for the Old Continent. In this return to Brazilian football, shirt 15 points out that winning the State Championship is valuable not only to enrich the curriculum, but as another step in the scenario that he is going through.

“Without a doubt, it’s a very important title for me. I recently arrived at the club, I’m living a process of readaptation to Brazilian football. So, it’s something that will help a lot in terms of trust, in addition to giving me peace of mind so that I can continue in search of the my best in every aspect”, he said, UOL Esporte.

“I came from football with a very different style, so I knew I would need some time to readapt myself and to get along better with my teammates. I still see myself in the middle of this process, but every day I get better. final games. I believe that not only me, but the whole team was very safe defensively, and I see this as a consequence of this greater understanding and perception of what Abel wants from all of us on the field”, he added.

Cris Silva had the rights acquired by Tricolor in an operation that amounted to 1.4 million euros, about R$9 million, paid in installments, as President Mário Bittencourt revealed in an interview in early January.

The values ​​came to be a reason for contestation on the part of the fans. The player, in turn, is still looking for a better sequence to establish himself once and for all in the team and in the taste of the stands.

“I arrived at Fluminense well aware of everything I would face. Every big team has pressure. When the result doesn’t come, the pressure is right, so my focus is just to work and do the best because I know that if things go well on the field, the rest will walk positively”.


Packaged to ward off the crisis

Flu still tries to take advantage of the energies of the title to start the journey in a positive way in the South American and remove once and for all remnants of the crisis that surrounded Laranjeiras recently. The elimination in the third preliminary phase of Libertadores, in a duel with Olimpia (PAR) generated dissatisfaction in the crowd, protests against the board and put in check the work that had been carried out by the technical committee until then.

“The title [do Carioca] will influence the issue of trust. Beating the rival, the way we did, shows that we can reach a level that allows us to think about more achievements, but for that to happen, we have to keep our focus on work”.

Abel Braga’s team is in Group H, which also includes Junior Barranquilla, from Colombia, and Unión Santa Fe, from Argentina.

Moldova and the Russian War

Before returning to Brazil, Cris Silva worked for Sheriff, a club whose host city is Tiraspol, capital of Transnistria, an autonomous region that does not recognize itself as part of Moldova and which proclaims itself an independent republic.

Cristiano, Moldova's Sheriff player - Alex Nicodim/DeFodi Images via Getty Images - Alex Nicodim/DeFodi Images via Getty Images
Image: Alex Nicodim/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Moldova has recently expressed fears about the possibility of becoming Russia’s new target after Vladimir Putin’s country invades Ukraine. And one of the reasons for this fear was precisely in Transnistria, a region that, according to information published by the RFI, had 1,500 Russian soldiers and 10,000 pro-Russian paramilitaries.

The United States even promised ‘continuous support’ to Moldova in the event of a Russian advance.

“I keep in touch with some comrades. There is an atmosphere of tension because nobody knows how far this war is going, and for historical reasons as well. But, thank God, apparently everything is calm in the region at the moment. I heard that there are many people seeking refuge in the country, so we hope that all this passes soon and that peace is established as soon as possible”, he stressed.



Competition: Copa Sudamericana – First round of Group H
Place: Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Day: March 6, 2022, Wednesday
Time: 19:15 (Brasilia time)
Referee: José Argote (Venezuela)
assistants: Carlos Lopez (Venezuela) and Lubin Torrealba (Venezuela)

FLUMINENSE: Fabio; Luccas Claro, Manoel and David Braz; Calegari, Yago Felipe, Ganso, André and Cris Silva; Arias and Cano. Technician: Abel Braga

OIL EAST: Wilson Quiñonez; Maximiliano Caire, Sebastian Alvarez, Leandro Zazpe, Ayrton Paz (Carlos Roca); Daniel Rojas, Ricardo Sandoval; Miguel Ríos (Hugo Dorrego), Héctor Sánchez, Juan Ribera; Facundo Suarez. Technician: Erwin Sanchez

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