Gabigol zeroed and Matheuzinho better on the field; see Flamengo’s notes – 06/04/2022

After comings and goings throughout the day, Flamengo entered the field and beat Sporting Cristal on Tuesday night (5). Rubro-Negro won the result 2-0 with goals from Bruno Henrique and Matheuzinho. Thus, he added his first three points in the current edition of Libertadores.

On Live do Flamengo, broadcast by UOL Esporte after the Rubro-Negro games, journalists Renato Maurício Prado and André Rocha evaluated the individual performance of the players commanded by Paulo Sousa. (See notes below)

Hugo Souza

RMP: You made two good interventions – 8.5

André Rocha: Saved in a bid in the second half – 8

David Luiz

RMP: I didn’t like the performance today. He tried to make some sprints today that reminded me of David Luiz from 7 to 1. Sporting Cristal just didn’t create chances for that sector because it’s very bad – 4

André Rocha: He tried to play simpler, with fewer throws. He is very willful, sometimes he comes out like crazy. did not commit – 5

Gustavo Henrique

RMP: It makes me nervous. It’s amazing how slow it is. Lucas Veríssimo who should make him play for Santos – 5

André Rocha: He’s been getting involved in some plays on the ball out and on Matheuzinho’s cover. Unfortunately, Flamengo often need him due to injuries in the squad – 4.5

Filipe Luis

RMP: His candle is going out. She is far from the player she was. Contributed very little – 5

André Rocha: Fixed some messy things in the defense throughout the game. He is a player of intelligence and organization, but for that, the team needs to be adjusted- 5.5

Leo Pereira

RMP: Didn’t compromise so much today – 4

André Rocha: He gets everything wrong. Even when he gets it right, he gets it wrong. 0


RMP: Made a beautiful cross for Bruno Henrique’s goal and then scored his goal – 8

André Rocha: He was the best on the field. He made a nice pass and had a good infiltration. It’s what’s expected of him and I hope he holds on – 9

William Arão

RMP: Stole the ball in one of the goals – 5

André Rocha: He doesn’t have and can’t play. It was too soft in the second half – 5

Matheus França

RMP: He’s a boy with a bright future. He didn’t do much, but he put new blood into the game. I would like to see more play – 6

André Rocha: He fought and tried to respond – 6

Andreas Pereira

RMP: It is not possible to know what his position on the field is. I don’t see it having any role. He is skilful, good with the ball in technique, but he doesn’t score well and doesn’t perform as a point guard- 5

André Rocha: It was the usual thing. He tried a kick here, another there. Again they urged him, but he fought at least – 4.5

Thiago Maia

RMP: Did not play well. It’s unfair to judge his football by that moment – 4

André Rocha: There aren’t many opportunities. It’s not possible that he trains worse than Aaron and that Aaron’s bad performances don’t make him play. It didn’t go well today – 5

João Gomes

RMP: It came in very well as usual. You can’t imagine Flamengo’s midfield without him – 7

André Rocha: He took the team to the attack many times in strength – 7.5

Everton Ribeiro

RMP: I feel bad. He was such a spectacular player, but that’s not enough. His football is over, the head thinks, but the body no longer responds – 3

André Rocha: I’m sorry that he doesn’t have anyone to guide him and he doesn’t realize that it can simplify the game – 2.5


RMP: It’s another one of those breaths of hope that I have to fix this Flamengo team throughout the season – 7.5

André Rocha: He started the game well. He had problems with positioning, but he was getting used to it. 7

Bruno Henrique

RMP: It’s still light years away from Bruno Henrique in 2019, but it’s already a breath of hope. He’s the typical player who, if he doesn’t get injured, will get in shape and play well. He scored the goal and some interesting plays- 8

André Rocha: He chokes well on some sprints, he can’t dribble. Is a one or two ball player – 7


RMP: Did not play anything. He returns most passes that come to him. When he tried to evolve, he was all wrong – 0

André Rocha: Zero score – 0


RMP: no grade

André Rocha: No rating

Paulo Sousa

RMP: Again invented a different lineup and I don’t see evolution – two

André Rocha: The team was a little less messy, but also a lot due to the opponent. It’s a job I don’t see a future for – 4

The next edition of Live do Flamengo will be on Saturday (9), right after the match against Atlético-GO, for the Brazilian. You can follow the live on the Channel UOLin the Score app UOLon the Flamengo page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on YouTube.

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