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On Tuesday (5th) the inauguration of the Production Entertainment Nucleus (NEP) on Liberal TV. A large meeting of employees and customers celebrated the new space that arrives with the aim of expanding the offer of regionalized content.

The opening event was held in the hall of Liberal TV. The people present were impressed and excited about the future projects foreseen by the broadcaster, in a presentation video. with the presenter taina Aires as host, the event was attended by journalists, advertisers, customers, entrepreneurs and agencies. The legacy of the journalist and founder of the Liberal Group Rômulo Maiorana was praised in an emotional speech by his daughter, the deputy director of the Liberal Group, Rosangela Maiorana.

“NEP will be a new business unit of Grupo Liberal, with independent management and commercial area. It will offer a structure that will be part of our productive chain of opportunities and will meet all the vehicles of the Liberal Group, the Pará advertising market and other demands, from various origins, linked to the production of content and business capitalization. The nucleus will not only leverage local production, but will also develop new products to offer the market differentiated and more assertive communication”, highlighted Rosângela Maiorana, vice president of the Liberal Group, on the creation of the NEP.

Rosângela Maiorana, vice president of Grupo Maiorana and Fernando Nascimento, superintendent of TV Liberal at the opening of the Entertainment and Production Center (NEP) – TV Liberal — Photo: TV Liberal

The NEP makes room for greater advertising opportunities in the broadcaster’s optional spaces, which in 2020 received the award for Largest Audience of the National Television Panel, among the affiliates of Rede Globoaccording to data from Kantar Ibope Media. The Production Entertainment Center has an excellent and modern structure, with state-of-the-art equipment and a creative team, which is always on the move. NEP was born with the mission of creating and carrying out audiovisual actions, programs and projects for the Liberal TVsuch as new local entertainment programs, for their digital platforms such as G1 Pará, Gshow, Home, GE Pará, Social Networks and this content offering network is expanded to Liberal.comother vehicles of the Liberal Group and also for the foreign market.

“From the perception of the existence of opportunities in the audiovisual market, for the expansion and regionalization of our programming, as well as for new advertising formats in different languages, Grupo Liberal made an important investment in the implementation of this new business, which will have an independent operation, but integrated with our vocation built on the tripod advertising, communication and entertainment”, said Fernando Nascimento, superintendent of TV Liberal.

With the objective of expanding the offer of content with a more regional, more Pará language, NEP will enable a greater connection between the viewer and customers, with their audience, enhancing Pará’s culture, telling stories, presenting the best of the state of Pará in new projects to come. A business unit totally focused on regional production and entertainment.

Amauri Soare, Executive Director of Rede Globo, spoke about the NEP

“We have a lot of optional space in TV Liberal’s programming schedule for local entertainment content. The themes that promote our people, our state, are endless. A show or picture about cooking, music, nature, characters and even the passionate RexPa are easy to follow and, here, the showcase that broadly promotes our culture is limitless. In addition to the local space, Globo daily requests stories to present on the Network’s programs throughout Brazil. We will discover new talents and promote the ones we already know, have fun, get emotional and vibrate with the stories we will tell. We want to show how gigantic our Pará is”, said Elton Magalhães, programming director at TV Liberal.

Representatives of large companies in the state were excited about the new Center for Entertainment and Production of the Liberal Group, highlighting how important it is to increase the amount of quality local productions in a broadcaster as strong as TV Liberal, providing more programming for the population , Pará identity and for business.

“Grupo Líder has a partnership of almost 40 years with TV Liberal, it is a joy to see a reinvention on this date, this new expansion, this new opportunity that is the NEP. The Grupo Líder this year also, in commemoration of 200 years of the press in Pará, through its company ‘Castanheira’, paid tribute to the press, highlighting the 100 years of journalist Rômulo Maiorana. It is a happy coincidence that in this same year the Liberal Group is growing, reinventing itself and presenting this new production nucleus to Pará society and the market. The people of Pará have an affinity with their own language, so bringing these regional characteristics will certainly bring TV Liberal closer to the consumer”, highlighted João Augusto Rodrigues, director of Grupo Líder at the inauguration event of the NEP.

Guided tour to present the NEP space at the opening – TV Liberal — Photo: TV Liberal

“I was very impressed to see the whole structure that was put together, but especially the ideas they presented to us today. In fact, we saw very interesting ideas of very diverse content and content that will show Pará within the state of Pará itself. It is attractive when the broadcaster invests in new products, in our content that will make it easier for people in the state to get to know Pará better. In our case, for the companies that are present here, it is an opportunity to have our brand associated with interesting and quality products that will bring more and more information and entertainment to the viewer, and this is not common for the market, for the we have products with these characteristics. So, the NEP opens up another possibility for companies”, said Hydro Senior Communications Manager, Elena Brito.

The first major project to be carried out in TV Liberal’s programming is the program “It’s from Pará”, which has been on the air for 18 years. The program is no longer produced by journalism and becomes TV Liberal’s new entertainment product, gaining a new visual identity, new possibilities, business offers, content marketing actions and talking much more about culture, tourism, gastronomy, music , showing our people, our landscapes and all the immensity of Pará.

New programs such as “É do Pará”, “Sons de Verão”, “Banzeiro” and “Sons Acústico”, projects such as “Faz Bem Pro Pará, Faz Bem Pra Você”, the coverage of “Círio 2022”, “Corrida e Corridinha” do Círio”, the “Me Remexo” project and the 28th edition of the Rômulo Maiorana Trophy. Stay tuned for news from TV Liberal!

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