Ópticas Portugal informs about eye health

Risks and precautions to be taken into account

Throughout life, we are naturally exposed to various phenomena that compromise our eye health. Being aware of the signals emitted by the human body is essential to stop irreversible consequences.

Adopt good habits, such as performing regular visual check-ups, essential to rule out some silent pathologies. Opt for a diet rich in vitamins, nutrients and water, essential for the preservation of eye health and prevention of diseases and vision problems, verbi gratia, dry eye, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Arming ourselves with tools that protect an organ so crucial to the normalization of our routine, imperative! Daily, there are several aggressions that affect us, without us realizing it.

The blue light emitted by electronic devices – smartphones, computers, tablets, television – used is often highly harmful. This interferes with our alertness and production of melatonin, altering and compromising the circadian rhythm (the beat that governs our biological clock).

Insomnia, decreased quality of restful sleep, visual fatigue, skin problems, are some of the scientifically proven symptoms related to excessive exposure to blue light. Solar radiation is not just a danger to the skin; it is also disaffected by the health of our eyes.

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, accumulated throughout life in regular activities, compromises the well-being of eye health. This is one of the main causes of lens aging and early development of cataracts, photokeratitis and conjunctival degeneration, among other pathologies.

Children are especially vulnerable to the aggressions of blue light and UV rays. Either because they spend more time on outside activities, or because, unfortunately, they devote much of their free time to electronic equipment.

There is, however, a lens capable of providing protection from all these attacks that we live with on a daily basis. The BLUEBLOCK UV420 lenses, elite of the Eye On lenses, use nanotechnologies, specifically designed to block blue light, led light and ultraviolet rays, protecting our eyes.

In a must-have innovation of the digital age, the BB UV420 blocks the blue spectrum of light, as well as the ultraviolet rays, by the material of manufacture, allowing a more effective action than the other solutions available on the market, which are limited to applying a filter over the conventional ophthalmic lens.