Podcast, art and more; Check out the highlights of this Wednesday (6)

Brazilians are among those who listen to podcasts the most

Podcast is the content format that has increasingly gained share in the global market. Practicality is the main advantage. Brazilians have also increasingly adhered to this format on a daily basis. Currently, Brazil is the third country that most consumes podcasts in the world. It is second only to Sweden and Ireland. This is what a study by CouponValido.com.br reveals, with data from Statista and Ibope. In Brazil, there are more than 30 million listeners, and more than 40% of Brazilians listened to a podcast at least once in the last 12 months. Just as a comparison, Sweden (first in the ranking) has a rate of only 7% above Brazil — 47% in total.


Former secretary Diego Perez will receive, today, at 9 am, the title of citizen Jaboatonense. He will be in the Chamber of Councilors of Jaboatão, by proposal of the Junior Councilor of Pharmacy.

PE citizens

Two women receive the title of Citizen of Pernambuco by proposition of the state deputy, Aluísio Lessa (PSB). Today, chef Miau Caldas, a native of Pirassununga, in SP. On the 11th, it will be the turn of journalist Sabrina Rocha, who was born in Belém (PA). Both at 6pm.


Another Promoday, today, at RioMar Online, with a voucher from Casa Bauducco for purchases over R$50. The gift entitles you to a small espresso coffee and a slice of panettone or chocotone. Until the 13th.


Claudemir Barros is the new consultant for Chica Pitanga, which has emerged from this pandemic, bigger and more comfortable, with a project by Humberto Zirpoli. The standard remains high. Claudemir, by the way, signs an authorial menu on the nights, now, à la carte.

… Pitanga

According to Felipe Amorim — third generation in the business — the restaurant’s success in these 26 years has been the quality of the inputs and the affective recipes. “Claudemir came to bring the French technique and know-how to the operation”, he comments.


Dílson Peixoto, Cristina Monte Baptista, Andréa Figueiredo, Maria Helena Machado Guimarães, Tereza Gueiros, Thais Melo, Socorro Meireles, Isabel Guimarães and Renata Calumby.


Sergio and Ana Luiza Ferreira founded GF Capital with a focus on raising credit lines, impact investments and venture capital management. In 2021, they assisted in raising around BRL 200 million to be invested in the NE.


The IRPF statement continues. A novelty this year is that covid-19 tests carried out in hospitals, laboratories and clinics, in 2021, can be declared as health expenses.

… in the IRPF

“The pharmacy ones do not have this benefit. Tests carried out in 2022 may also be declared in the IR of 2023, so it is important for the consumer to organize himself to have the right to deduct”, informs the accountant Fernanda Feitosa.


Breno Silveira is in Recife to look for locations for his new film, Dona Vitória, starring Fernanda Montenegro. The feature will also be shot at Engenho Jundiá, in Vicência.

japa no week

Japanese restaurants Jolu Sushi and Yugo Premium are the debutants of the new edition of Pernambuco Restaurant Week, from May 13 to June 5. The festival, by the way, will bring as a novelty, for the 1st time outside SP, the Burguer Gourmet by RW.


Lucia Costa Santos and Heloisa Amaral take the Amparo 60 casting to SP-Arte, the largest art fair in Latin America, which returns to face-to-face after two years. They set up a collective exhibition called Corpus-locus.


The curator of the show A Seguir, Júlio Cavani, participates in a conversation circle today, at 7 pm, to talk about the experience, at Arte Plural.

Now dedicating himself to Aloha Influencer, Fábio Trindade expands the corporate structure of the promotions and events arm with Bruno Camargo, Arthur Mitchell, Diogo Halla and Gustavo Cintra.

Chef Mauro de Castro, from Fino Nordeste, prepared six novelties for Easter with a roll cake flavor.

Casa Criatura, in Olinda, is a partner of Agência Multicor, a project of the National LGBTI Alliance that aims to provide employability to the community.

The director of the Julietto Group, Paula Guareschi, will receive the title of Citizen of Recife today in a ceremony at the Chamber. Proposal by councilor Samuel Salazar (MDB).

The Inspector General of Justice of PE, Ricardo Paes Barreto, carries out inspections in units in the interior of the state. The judge has already been to Vitória de Santo Antão and Garanhuns, and this week he is visiting Santa Cruz and Caruaru.

The exhibitions For You: A Process of Being, by Laís Domingues, and Ensaio para um Poema sem Palavras, by Clara Moreira, will premiere tomorrow at the Centro Cultural Mercado Eufrásio Barbosa.

Deputy Silvio Costa Filho (RP) is quoted to chair the Consumer Law Commission, which currently has Celso Russomanno as its holder.

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