Prognosis of the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado Plan is presented to the population

Prognosis of the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado Plan is presented to the population

Published on 04/05/2022 at 14:17

The Urban Planning and Environment Management Unit (UGPUMA), through the Department of the Environment, promoted, on Tuesday morning (5), the presentation of the prognosis of the Municipal Plan for the Atlantic Forest and the Cerrado of Jundiaí ( PMMAC), prepared by the company Pro Ambiente, in an event promoted online.

The director of the Department of Environment, Wagner de Paiva, opened the presentation. “This is a work of great importance to understand some dynamics of the city, mainly in environmental preservation. It is an instrument that is lacking in city planning. We hope that the Plan is a path to follow in terms of preservation. Today, actions that do not follow the same direction end up having less effect. With the Plan, we will be able to give more meaning to actions, investments in the preservation and even in the increase of our forests”, he said.

Prognosis will be made available in the coming days for consultation of the population

The presentation was made by the technician of the company Pro Ambiente, responsible for the elaboration of the Plan, Tairi Gomes, who explained about the development of the work. “We started with the diagnosis, with data from the city’s database, which is very rich and shows vegetation, springs, among others. With this diagnosis, we develop actions to make environmental improvements feasible. We set up the Action Plan, a public policy. It is important to note that this policy will address several actions, but specific action plans will have to be elaborated upon implementation. The prognosis presents the direction of the work with indicators to guide how the city should develop from the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado Plan”, he explained.

The Plan has the following specific objectives: to strengthen the conservation of biodiversity; promote the recovery of the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado in Jundiaí; promote the use of PMMAC in urban development; reconciling PMMAC with sustainable development; knowing and communicating the Atlantic Forest and the Cerrado de Jundiaí and adjusting the institutional development of PMMAC.

During the presentation, the participants were able to solve their doubts about the materials presented. The prognosis will be made available for evaluation and comments, then the contributions will be compiled and forwarded for approval of the plan by the Municipal Environment Council (Comdema) and then forwarded to Mayor Luiz Fernando Machado.

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