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The municipal secretary of Security and Urban Mobility, Colonel Valmir José dos Reis, was one of the two authorities from Rio Grande do Sul who participated in the National e-Forum on Technology and Innovation in Public Security, which took place last Thursday, 1st. The virtual event was an initiative of Network Eventos, in partnership with the National College of Public Security Secretaries (Consesp) and the Association of Municipal Public Security Secretaries and Managers (Asgmusp).

In its 14th edition, the event addressed innovative solutions, challenges and perspectives of the most modern in the world market for public security, as well as the important exchange of information about what is already being applied in Brazilian states and municipalities. Reis spoke during the panel How to serve the citizen 4.0: innovations in municipal public security.

In addition to him, the director of Digital Cities for Latin America, Alessio Hagen; the secretary of Public Security of Canoas and president of Asgmusp, Emerson Wendt; the former Secretary of Public Security of the Federal District Edvan Novaes; and the municipal secretary of Public Order of Rio de Janeiro, Brenno Carnevale Nessimian, among other authorities.

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“It was a very interesting, restricted event, in which it was possible to observe important initiatives that are being carried out by Brazil. It is a fact that technologies and innovations are part of the work. In our case, we present cases of the video surveillance project implemented in Santa Cruz do Sul, which was highlighted throughout the state and the subject of an international seminar”, explained Reis. Among the initiatives presented that caught the attention of the Secretary of Security and Urban Mobility is the creation of a rural battalion.

In this case, presented by the Secretary of Public Security of Mato Grosso, Alexandre Bustamante dos Santos, an action was organized in which video surveillance cameras are installed on rural properties. “There are large properties there, and this secretary, a former Federal Police agent and extremely experienced, created a battalion to curb possible crimes in the rural area”, commented Colonel Reis.

According to him, the success story in Mato Grosso is something that can be implemented in Santa Cruz do Sul. “We are on the way to this innovation within the municipality’s security plan. We will divide the interior of Santa Cruz and, at first, insert community patrols as a municipal public police power and be the link with the other institutions. The second step is to apply the technology in rural areas.” Another action, this one in the area of ​​domestic violence, also caught Reis’ attention.

The municipal secretary of Urban Security of São Paulo, Elza Pauline de Souza, presented the project of a kind of electronic control, which women would have in their own homes to trigger the security forces. “In this case, these people, who are victims of violence and have protective measures, receive a panic button, linked to the municipality’s security system. If the aggressor approaches, the victim presses the device and immediately the teams go to the scene”, explained the colonel.

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“We have to escape the collection bias”, says municipal secretary

For those who pass through many of the main points of vehicle flow in Santa Cruz, the increase in the number of traffic inspectors and municipal guards on the streets is noticeable. Teams of municipal patrols have been occupying spaces in the interchanges and places of the central area and the neighborhoods. This was one of the initiatives taken by Valmir José dos Reis in his little more than 50 days at the helm of the Public Security and Urban Mobility portfolio.

“We want to show the work to the population. We have a large structure and the community needs to observe our teams on the streets, at strategic points, as we put in the Industrial District, Arroio Grande, Centro, clover 2001, Unisc label, Fritz and Frida and others. The goal is to generate visibility and a sense of security. When parents take their child to school, they need to see the patrol cars and patrols nearby”, explained the colonel.

Spots like the 2001 clover are being occupied by municipal patrols | Photo: Alencar da Rosa

According to him, the purpose is to ensure public peace, with patrols and well-placed vehicles. And if any situation occurs, the teams will be on site to intervene. Regarding traffic actions, Reis emphasizes the importance of the educational bias. “Mayor Helena and I have the same understanding. The Brazilian Traffic Code preaches education. We do not intend to prank the citizen. We must intervene where there is a traffic jam, deliver an educational campaign and other demands, but we have to escape the collection bias”, he added.

According to the secretary, the objective is to organize a joint action between the Municipal Guard and Traffic Inspection, seeking to unify the workload and salary. Another demand, from the headquarters of the Municipal Guard next to the Rodoviária, is in the final phase of the project. The work, according to Reis, should be ready by the end of 2023.

He also plans to install 200 surveillance cameras, to be managed by the municipal administration. “We already have 97, who are in schools. The rest we will distribute in points of the city throughout this year and next.”

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