Secretary of the Environment and Water Resources participates in Agrosudeste 2022 – Tocantins Connection

The Secretary of the Environment and Water Resources (Semarh) participates, from this Wednesday, 6, until Friday, 8, in the 6th edition of the Agrotechnology Fair of the Southeast Region of Tocantins, Agrosudeste, in the municipality of Almas.

In this edition of the fair, in addition to the signing of technical cooperation terms between the State and the municipalities to develop actions in the environmental area, Semarh also takes assistance from the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) to rural producers, as well as answers questions about ICMS -Ecological and the qualitative and quantitative monitoring work carried out in the various hydrographic basins of the State.

For the Secretary of the Environment and Water Resources, Miyuki Hyashida, the fair is a good opportunity to work on sustainability issues and to promote interaction with municipalities and rural producers and the private sector in the Southeast region. “That’s why we are taking our team to help the public with their doubts, and guide the population of this region, so important for the development of Tocantins”, she says.

Terms of Cooperation

The secretariat’s participation in the fair, on the part of the Water Resources Planning and Management Board, has on the agenda the signing of three cooperation terms between Semarh and municipal bodies, river basin committees, educational institutions and the private sector. The first is with the Natividade City Hall, the Manoel Alves River Basin Committee and the Colégio Agropecuário, for the installation of a nursery for native Cerrado seedlings in Natividade, as part of the Hydrographic Basin Revitalization Project for the recovery of springs in Tocantins. , with resources from the State Water Resources Fund (FERH).

The second term is with Colégio Agropecuário de Almas and Instituto Natureza do Tocantins (Naturatins), which aims to set up a demonstration unit for fish farming in the municipality. The third will be signed with the Brazilian Institute of Environmental Resources and Rural Advisory (Ibramar) and the Manuel Alves River Watershed Committee, allowing them to be responsible for managing and planting the nursery seedlings in the Manuel Alves River basin. In addition, the secretariat will present the work of qualitative and quantitative monitoring of water in the main rivers of Tocantins.

According to the director of Planning and Management of Water Resources at Semarh, Aldo Azevedo, this integration of Semarh with the municipal sphere, the private sector and the basin committees, which are an executive arm of the State Policy on Water Resources, is very important to that the actions are developed in the best way and guarantee the availability of water in quantity and quality for the various uses in Tocantins.


By the Directorate of Environmental Education for Sustainability, the technicians will present the Focus on Fire Project, delivering materials related to the fires, in addition to showing videos of the actions that were carried out in 2021.

The technicians of the Climate and Forest Environmental Intelligence Directorate will be available to visitors carrying out the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) for rural producers in the municipality and solving doubts about the ICMS-Ecological.


Agrosudeste involves 22 municipalities in the state, namely: Almas, Dianópolis, Natividade, Porto Alegre, Chapada da Natividade, Taguatinga, Aurora do Tocantins, Conceição do Tocantins, Ponte Alta do Bom Jesus, Arrais, São Valério da Natividade, Santa Rosa do Tocantins , Pindorama, Lavandeira, Rio da Conceição, Novo Jardim, Taipas, Combined, Novo Alegre, Paranã, Palmas and São Salvado.

In the 2022 edition, the estimate is to receive an audience of more than six thousand visitors to the stands and activities, such as field days with the following chains: Cattle, Fish, Fruit and Horticulture.


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