Students from Guarujá participate in microwaste collection at Praia da Enseada

The action had the participation of three municipal schools, totaling 150 students along 1.5 kilometers of activity

In order to promote environmental awareness in a practical and educational way, the City of Guarujá promoted, last Thursday (31), a task force to collect microwaste with students from the municipal network, in Praia da Enseada.

The task force took place in the stretch between Praça Horácio Lafer (Jardim Tejereba) and Acqua Mundo (Avenida Miguel Stéfno, 2001), with the meeting point in a tent set up by the Secretary of the Environment (Semam), in front of the Casa Grande Hotel ( Avenida Miguel Stéfno, 1001), comprising a total distance of 1.5 kilometers, divided into 600 meters for each class.

According to Semam’s Environmental Education manager, at the end of the activity, 80 kilos of microwaste collected were weighed, including cigarette butts, fragmented plastics, PET bottles, ice cream sticks, among other waste.

“These residues are the great villains of the environment, since they contribute to the damage of marine life and to the increase of accumulated garbage in the ocean. Hence the importance of showing our young people why we should take care of garbage and our beaches,” she explained.

The action, which has been taking place since last year, involved students and teachers from Elementary Schools I and II. The initiative is carried out by the Department of Education (Seduc), in partnership with Semam and the Department of Tourism (Setur).

Gabriel Nascimento, a 7th grader, said he enjoyed the action and that he cares a lot about marine life. “I will teach everything I did and learned today to my parents, because I enjoy this community service. I get sad when I see this garbage on the beach”, said the student.

With Gabriel, 150 students accompanied by counselors from schools Sérgio Pereira Rodrigues (Cidade Atlântica), Professor Dirce Valério Gracia (Jardim Tejereba) and Herbert Henry Dow (Balneário Guarujá) participated in the collection.

According to the coordinator of Science at Seduc, Praia da Enseada was chosen for its extension and for being part of the students’ daily lives, with the aim of showing the importance of microwaste in an environment they already know.

“In addition to the theoretical part, which is essential to explain their relevance to the environment and why we should be concerned about them, our students are experiencing, in practice, what microwaste is and how they are present on the beach, without anyone realizing it. ”, he stated.


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